"Just Knowing" Without Seeing Them, We Telepathically Recognize People in Our Dreams

Dreams are just stories. Stories told via using visual images and emotions. Some dreams are short, others long. Some have a strong narrative quality, others not. In most of our dreams, we encounter people, both familiar and strange.

At least half the people we meet in our dreams we know by name and play an important role in the dream. It's very unusual we meet a stranger playing such an important lead role. We are more likely to meet a mentor, a friend, anyone we know or a religious figure, Jesus, Moses, figures we are familiar with than complete strangers.

We recognize these people in our dreams by their facial features, their voices and/or their behaviour but usually we recognize them by "Just Knowing." These people often in a dramatic way give us reassurance and guidance telepathically, without using language and reveal themselves by the feelings they evoke, usually feelings of joy and affection. We don't actually have to see them, we just know they are there.

The knowledge that we gain from these feelings is a limbic kind of knowledge, controlling our emotions like fear, pleasure, anger and our drives like hunger, sex and dominance. These emotions and drives dominate our dreams.

Luckily, pain is excluded from our dreams. Being cut off from our senses is one of the marvels of dreaming and REM consciousness. The same with sadness, very uncommon in dreams.

Time is not sensed like it is in a wakeful state, often it's more bizarre. Things happen instantly, changing direction on a dime, people shift abruptly and we can be transported to places so fantastic they defy logic. Over using our familiar visual images and emotions create what we often call, Nightmares. An example would be when your mother-in-law steps into your dream, calling you a no-good-for-nothing-piece-of-shit!

Sweet dreams everyone. Dream a little dream of me.

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