In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful...

What does the Qurán say punishment should be for a person who commits the "double crime" of treason against the State combined with treason against Allah? In other words, standing up for civil rights and/or dissing Allah, the Muslim God.

Al Mā'idah       
Surah 5:33 

The punishment of those 
Who wage war against Allah 
And His Messenger, and strive 
With might and main 
For mischief through the land
Is: execution, or crucifixion,
Or the cutting off of hands
And feet from opposite sides,
Or exile from the land:
That is their disgrace
In this world, and
A heavy punishment is theirs
In the Hereafter. 

In the above passage there are four capital punishments mentioned for the crime against the State and Allah; execution, crucifixion, maiming and exiling. Anyone of them is applicable. Beheading the preferred method of execution as we can tell by the surge of recent beheadings of Christians on the Internet. Maiming means to cut off the hand of the right arm and the left foot. Exiled means banished forever, never to return.

These were the features of the Criminal Law for Muslims way back in Islam's infancy, and for centuries afterward, but today in some places, still exist, all you have to do is log on to Youtube and see for yourself. Type in beheadings.

Tortures such as hanging, drawing and quartering that were in English law, and the piercing of the eyes and leaving the unfortunate sole exposed to the hot sun in the desert and all such tortures in Arabian Law have been abolished. Or have they?

So, if you don't want to be executed, crucified, maimed or exiled, say nothing against, Allah! and not worry for thy neighbour's plight. It should not be of any concern of yours. 

For those who repent sincerely moments before the sword lops off their head, Allah will forgive them, but it won't save there lives, they still lose their heads.

After all, Allah is Oft-forgiving. Most merciful. 

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Paul said...

You are right on the money. What I do not get is how so many progressives are blind by the atrocities of these retrograde savages.

Munson X said...

I miss those heads.