If You Want To Be Happy — Get Married!

All the statistics prove it! If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, get married. 

You might think that living together is the same as being married, but no, you're twice as likely to split-up as compared to your married counterparts.

The National Opinion Research Centre (NORC) did a survey using over 35,000 Americans from all cultures, for a period of thirty years. Over 40% of the married people called themselves "Very Happy" while only 23% of singles said, they felt happy. 

Married couples tend to live longer, enjoy better health, mental and physical, smoke and drink less and are less likely to commit suicide. In another survey done in Britain, reported among 20,000 men the ones that were married on average lived 3 years longer and earned $6,000 a year more than single men.  

It makes sense that happy people are more likely to get married in the first place, since they're more out-going and less depressed than singles, after all who wouldn't want to be around someone who is happy over someone who is sad, if you had a choice?

From the beginning, for the first year a couples happiness level is at the max, but it wanes. After the first year you return to your natural happiness level. Adaption to one another turns happiness into satisfaction, which means; we know when we have a good thing going on.

Sadly today, one in three marriages will end up in divorce or separation, especially if you married young, gave birth before marriage or if you were previously divorced.

It's not surprising that people who stay in unhappy marriages undermine their physical and mental well-being and statistics prove that their level of happiness is lower than a never married person, or someone that recently divorced. 

No need to worry if you're single, many do eventually find happiness. The secret is to be social. If you've got plenty of friends, lots of ex-lovers and colleagues and co-workers to socialize with the more happier you'll be, no need to get married. 

Then again, if you're lonely and unhappy you might have a lot to gain from marrying. The choice is yours.

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