How Much Influence Did Percy Have On His Wife Mary Shelly, As She Wrote Frankenstein?

If we look deep into Percy Bysshe Shelly's childhood we see a tormented child full of emotion, a sensitive passionate sissy. A child constantly being bullied by fellow classmates, an outcast, a loner. A person thought to have no morals, an atheist, delusional to the point of being insane. 

Shelly was a prolific poet, a scholarly visionary interested in metaphysics. A man of conviction never compromising his views, even when his life and career were in jeopardy. A fighter for human rights and liberty.

As a child his sister described him as a constant story teller, his favourite character always being a long-bearded wizard (alchemist). He invented grotesque dangerous games, so dangerous, other kid's lives were at peril when they played.

He was also a hell-of-a-nice guy, remembered as a kind and gentle sort of person, to the point of being effeminate. He dressed in frilly girlish clothes, so you can imagine, not very athletic, always the last to be picked for the team, so to say. No one wanted him on their side.

The poor guy got no respect, as Rodney Dangerfield would say, nor did he have the desire to be respected. He lived his life as he wanted, alone with his second wife, Mary, but still tormented by loneliness.

He stood apart and was ridiculed for his beliefs but didn't succumb to others. You might not think it, but he was a real trooper, he stood up for what he believed, at a great cost to himself and his reputation, an advocate against all the injustices being done to people, by the people, that were happening back in his day.

That's my man, Mr. Mary Shelly, a romantic poet, the husband and shadow of author Mary Shelly, of Frankenstein fame, the world's best-known horror story. 

I wonder, what Percy's input had on Mary Shelly's writing? Would she have ever come up with an idea on her own to write a story that would scare the world for centuries to come? How much influence did Percy have over Mary as she was writing the story of Frankenstein? 

I guess we'll never know,eh?

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