Eleven Annoying Habits That Might Cause A Rift In Your Relationship

There are a few things people find annoying in their partners. Happy scientists at Louisville University in Kentucky have isolated a list of the most annoying habits that can cause a fight in any relationship.

1. At a party, you've brought a date, she's in the kitchen surrounded by a bunch of men. She's telling stories (jokes) about your relationship with her. How annoying is that?

2. Going shopping with your mate and you're kept waiting while she tries every dress on in the store. Your back hurts, you want to sit down but there's no chair. That's got to be annoying.

3. This is more annoying for women, when their male counterparts leave wet used towels lying around the bathroom floor. I can see why she would want to kill him, that's really annoying.

4. Nothing is more annoying than this, your mate laughs at his own jokes. Even when they're not funny. Now that's annoying.

5. Farting. Yes, there's nothing more annoying, especially when it's not your own.

6. Women! They take everything but the kitchen sink when going on vacation. Imagine paying the overweight fee at the airport, that would annoy me.

7. Along with keeping the seat down on the toilet, refreshing the toilet paper roll when it's empty. Men just don't know how to do that. It's got to be annoying if you're a girl.

8. I find myself doing this often, talking baby talk, even when I'm in public. Hey, I'm a grown 65 year old man, I have no reason to talk baby talk, why do I talk baby talk? Who wouldn't be annoyed? I get annoyed hearing it myself!

9. Nothing is more annoying than when the woman is more brave than the man. Especially when watching scary movies. Nothing is more irritating than hearing a grown man scream like a girly-girly man.

10. Your socks are the wrong colour! Do your buttons up! Change your shirt! That's all you hear. Shut-up please you're annoying me, you say! It doesn't stop.

11. The number one annoying habit you hate about your mate. When they are always changing the radio station on the car radio. Try finding your favourite channel again, going 70 mph, that's annoying.

After the study was completed and the data collated, Michael Cunningham the happy scientist's spokesperson said, "If you first experience any one of these annoying faults it will likely be a negative one. The findings indicate that repeated exposure to annoying faults may produce a "social allergy" or a "reaction of hypersensitive annoyance or disgust."

Violators take notice. You're just plain annoying, stop it!

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