Doctors Pigeon-Hole Hermaphrodites Into Being Male or Female By The Size of The Babies Gonads

Back in the early part of the nineteenth century there was an explosion of human hermaphroditism. It happened all over the world. For some strange reason there was a drastic increase in the number of babies being born whose sex, was not so easy to determine, which led to a controversy over what we should call and classify these babies, medically. Were these babies male or female?

An important question for sure. People's lives were dependant on the correct answer. It determined one's status in society, and in law.

The cause of the increase of hermaphroditism has never been discovered but scientists and doctors agree that it could have been industrial pollution, but is impossible to prove due to the fact that there were all sorts of other important social changes taking place at the time.

Better medical practices also contributed to the rise of hermaphroditism, more reports started to appear where before it was quietly swept under the table.  

It is surprising that attempts to pigeon-hole hermaphrodites into a male or female category was being done by mostly, heterosexual male doctors and solely on the size of the babies gonads.  Based on the preponderance of male or female sexual characteristics of their genitalia. If it looks like a penis then its a male. If it looks like a vulva it's female and hopefully if you are a man it's just partially descended male testicles, or Sam could have been a Mary or Mary, Sam.

Doctors do make mistakes. In the case of hermaphroditism, size matters.

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