Do Virtues With Their Strengths Boost Your Level of Happiness?

Am I virtuous? Who cares? 

Are you virtuous? Now that's the question to be asking.

Virtue: A beneficial quality, feature or trait leading to excellence; advantage or goodness.

Here is a list of the six virtues that are considered morally good and desirable with their appropriate strengths. Which of these virtues applies to you?

1. The Virtue of Wisdom: 

You are curious and have an interest in the world, and don't get hung up on preconceptions and are open to new experiences and are approachable to things. You tolerate ambiguity, you hate uncertainness and inexactness. You are an explorer.

You love to learn and possess knowledge, from old to new, whether in a formal setting like a school or informally like reading a book. You enjoy being an expert on a particular subject, because you enjoy learning for the sake of learning.

You never rush to judge others and you think things through carefully, examining all aspects of the evidence, to weigh your decisions fairly and you never allow yourself to get locked into an unchangeable position. You are willing to change your mind if need be.

You are honest and don't settle doing things the conventional way, always finding ways to teach an ole dog new tricks.

Others seek you out, for your experience and knowledge to gain a new perspective. 

Your way of thinking and looking at the world makes sense to you and to others. You know what you want and go get it and can feel empathy. Your good at judging moods, temperament, motivations, and intentions of others.

2.  The Virtue of Courage:

You are brave soul and don't back down or succumb to threats, difficulties, pain or challenges and will take on any unpopular or dangerous act if dared. You resist the need to flee and want to finish what you start with little complaint. The more difficult the better, but you don't follow blind obsessions. You are flexible, realistic and ambitious, honest, genuine and down to earth.

3.  The Virtue of Humanity and Love:

You are kind, generous and try your hardest to please others and honour your commitments, which gives you joy. You believe others have worth and are to be respected and you act in their best interests because you know how to love and how to be loved.

4.  The Virtue of Justice:

You are a loyal team player and carry your weight, going that extra mile for the team. You're a natural born leader able to handle relationships among people, organized and carry out plans. You're fair and don't let personal feelings or prejudices impede your decisions. Other people's well-being is important to you as your own well-being.

5.  The Virtue of Temperance:

You're careful, prudent and use caution and discretion when needed. You don't like the spotlight turned towards yourself. You are modest and don't think you're anything special. You have control of your desires, needs and impulses.

6.  The Virtue of Transcendence:

You are grateful of things, large and small, and take the time to express your appreciation for the goodness in others. Your outlook on life and the future is positive and you appreciate the beauty and the excellence in life. Able to forgive by giving a person a second chance and can show mercy rather than revenge. You are playful and enjoy a good laugh. You have a zest for life, you're full of energy, spirited and passionate about things and go full stream ahead. You wake up excited about the day and have strong beliefs spiritually and a sense of a higher purpose.

Unfortunately, some of us may find ourselves in a non-fulfilling job, or an unhappy relationship or whatever and unable to tap into any of these strengths. Finding your own way to use your strengths will not only add more meaning to your life but boost your level of happiness, in the long run. Which virtues apply to you?

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