"Count Your Blessings" — It's A Powerful Tool For Happiness

Surprisingly our genes and upbringing make up only about 50% of our happiness. Another 40% of our happiness is our outlook towards life, which includes activities, relationships, friendships, employment and our involvement in the community, sports and hobbies. The last 10% belongs to circumstances, our station in life whether rich or poor, but richer tend to be happier.

Extra material wealth after our basic needs are met has little effect on happiness. It's been estimated by the happy scientists that it would take a million dollars for you to become happy for any substantial length of time before you revert back to the same level of happiness you were before the money.

Pleasure is often a term we use when we speak of happiness, which indicates some sort of natural high. That's when dopamine and other natural drugs are released by the brain acting in response to stimuli like; food, drugs, rock and roll, quick but short, a temporary lift. Over use can lead to increasing the dosage, or moving on to new sources.

Happiness though, is long-term and deals with inner feelings that life is bliss. It's these feelings you crave not the fleeting sensations of maintaining pleasure.

Richard Stevens a psychologist and happiness expert claims; it's not easy to change your feelings but you can decide what you think about. 

If you have positive thoughts and direct them along positive lines it's only logical that good things are likely to follow. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pleasure. It's a common mistake when we equate happiness with pleasure, by themselves. That's why its a good idea to "Count Your Blessings," for what you got, it's a powerful tool for happiness.

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