Convert To Islam or Pay The Jizya Tax — A "Blood Levy" — As If We Aren't Being Taxed Enough

Could you imagine America and Canada under Islamic Sharia Law? As if the our taxes aren't high enough already. The Muslims will slap another new tax on every Infidel and non-Muslim (dhimmi) living here in North America, a Blood Levy, that's if Islam eventually does manage to successfully infiltrate.

They call this new tax "Jizya Tax." It has been going on for centuries while Muslims occupied conquered lands. It also has a few stipulations,— which ,—and was at first intentionally used only against "People of the Book," Christians and Jews, but eventually included all non-believers of Islam.

Jizya Tax — Blood Levy

1.   You must be willing to accept humiliation for Allah. To confirm yourself lower, a subjected one.

2.   The Jizya Tax must delivered in person, by hand. That's if the new Muslim rulers have spared your life and haven't already chopped your hands off.

3.   You cannot arrive on the door-steps of city hall riding a horse or donkey expecting to pay your bill. You'll have to leave it at home and take transit or walk. Muslims would prefer if you walked.

4.   We will either have to pay the tax in cash or lose our heads. Neither Visa or MasterCard will be accepted.

At least we will have the opportunity to make a choice, whether to pay or not. If you pay you'll be able to practise your religion in private without offending any Muslims, until it's time to pay again. There will be no churches or synagogues or temples, anymore. None. They'll probably be reallocated as Mosques, that or torn down.

Penalties for late payments mean arrest and enslavement, for you and your family, whom could be sold into slavery for compensation of tardy payments. Girls and women sold as sex slaves. Don't believe me? Well, in 2013 the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt imposed jizya on 15,000 Christians. In 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq announced jizya on Christians, in Raqqa, Syria, either they covered, paid jizya or died.

What do you think Muslims would do with this new cash cow? This extortion equivalent to Al Capone's "Protection Money" of the 20's and 30's.

Build more mosques, what else!  

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