Children! Stay Away From Rivers Banks and Ponds — The Kappa Will Grab You

The strangest, oddest creature that I have come across in my reading has to be the "Kappa," a blood sucking fish-humanoid. There are many other names for it, 80 alone in Japanese folklore, but these ugly creatures seem to be everywhere around the world, not just in Japan. Most have one thing in common, their beak like tortoise heads. Parents throughout the ages have been using these giant salamander-like creatures, with mouths big enough to eat a child, to scare their children into not playing near rivers or ponds. Under bridges and near deep river banks seem to be their favourite spots.

The urban legend describes the Kappa, as being smelly, scaly chameleon like humanoid amphibians, able to shape shift to blend in with their surroundings. They have webbed hands and feet that can be detached easily and you guessed it they love to swim, rarely coming out of the water, basically doing all their nasty deeds while submerged, mingling among swimmers. 

On top of their heads is a strange feature, still unknown as to what it could be. It's flat, oval shaped and always appears moist. This cavity in the skull is believed to be what it needs to stay out of water for any length of time. If it dries out before it gets back to water the creature will die. While out of water this cavity is covered by a metal helmet for protection.

They reportedly fart a lot. So if you are swimming in the water and see air bubbles coming up from the depths and it smells, get out of the water fast, one is probably in the water just under you. They love to drown swimming animals, including humans, kidnapping children, raping and impregnating women, even taking a person's soul, via the back door, the anus. Yikes!

Kappa Mummy

For some reason they have a fascination with cucumbers. So, it's advised if you do go for a dip in a river or pond, throw a cucumber in the water first. It'll entertain the Kappa for hours.  

No one is sure what the Kappa do with the cucumbers, but who cares, I'll mind my own business and just never go into a river or pond for a swim, ever again, the 1954 sci-fi horror movie, "The Creature From the Black Lagoon" comes to mind. I wouldn't blame you if you never went near the water, either.

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