Borderland — The Place Between Consciousness and Coma

This is one woman's spiritual experience of being in Borderland, a place somewhere in between consciousness and coma. A real place, inside your mind. 

Imagine waking up on the operating table as doctors begin to operate. Here's the story...

...One afternoon, Steve was out in the garage working on his car, when his wife Alice came through the door carrying a jug of lemonade to share with her husband. As she stepped over his legs sticking out from under the front end of the car, she casually brushed up against Steve's revolver sitting loaded atop the workbench. Steve always kept a loaded gun, somewhere around the house for emergencies. It fell to the floor.

Alice felt the gun's heaviness against her side, watched as it hit the cement floor and discharge. The deafening sound it made was like an atomic bomb, she even saw the bullet ricochet off the walls as if in slow motion. Time slowed down.

The bullet tore into Alice's body like Jello, it entered on the left side of her abdomen and angled upward to eventually lodge itself into her right lung. In shock, she was rushed to the emergency room at the local hospital, then airlifted to a nearby regional trauma centre, her blood pressure barely detectable.

Alice said she was awake up to that point, fully aware of all the activity happening around her but unable to move or respond. She was given a paralytic drug to insert a breathing tube down her windpipe, and anesthetics to put her to sleep.

The leading surgeon immediately started operating, making a large incision in her stomach to thoroughly examine the injury, pulling and probing on this and that organ and inspecting every inch of Alice's twenty-five feet of intestine.

Her liver was sliced in two pieces and with great effort they managed to control her bleeding. Alice was still in shock. The doctors decided to open her chest, sawing her breast bone, to have a look at her heart. 

There her pulsating heart lay, open for everyone to see, the doctor even cradled it in his hands as he inspected it. Luckily, there was no damage done to her heart.

All the while, the anesthesiologist feared giving her too much sedation, too much and Alice's blood pressure would have collapsed. The doctors struggled to save her life and were unaware that through all the cutting and sawing and the handling of her internal organs she was still awake, alert to everything the doctors were doing but unable to make the slightest move or make the softest of sounds.

She survived the ordeal and described the pain during the whole experience to be fifteen on a scale of ten. As the doctor was massaging her exposed heart she said she saw a white light off to her left. After she noticed it, she couldn't take her attention off it, it radiated nothing but an overpowering feeling of love and peace. She sensed her deceased mother's presence who kept telling her to hang on, it wasn't her time to die yet and she would stay at her side until it was over to help her. That was the last thing she remembered before waking up in the recovery room.

Alice's account of what happened was verified by her medical record. It is remarkable she remained awake during her surgery due to her low blood pressure and it's a wonder she didn't suffer any permanent brain damage. She described in detail her thoughts and her feelings during the surgery.

Alice's spiritual near-death experience occurred as her brain was about to switch off and she was in Borderland, a space between consciousness and unconsciousness where the transition from consciousness to coma happens. 

Alice had not received enough nutrients due to her low blood pressure to keep her fully conscious, nor did she get enough sedative to put her to sleep. She was left in Borderland, the space between consciousness and coma.

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