Ashtar — The Extraterrestrial Is Sending Messages Telepathically, He Is Coming!

There are many mediums and UFO contactees around the world today that claim they are receiving telepathic messages from Ashtar, also known as Ashtar Sheran, a compassionate deity of the Canaanite people in biblical times, supposedly an extraterrestrial and commander of 24,000,000 extraterrestrial soldiers. He is seven feet tall with blue eyes and pale white complexion. 

George Van Tassel was the first to have claimed receiving such a message back in 1952. Here is an example of one such message:

We will be on earth in the blink of an eye. Our lifting beams will be in place, instantly. All over the world, where it warrants, this will be the method of evacuation. Instantly millions will be lifted to our smaller rescue ships to be transported to the mothership, which will be able to hold billions.  

This mother ship is a colossal space station that has been orbiting the Earth since 1952. Others say humanity is on the verge of learning a great lesson. The lesson being 'Realizing our Godhead' and our connection to all things, to our creator and all that exists.

Ashtar does mention that there is room for a billion or so people, to come on board this mothership floating stealthly in outer space, orbiting our planet, but the Earth has a population of over seven billion people, which means some of us won't be going, which really means most of us won't be saved from the Antichrist, nor the Tribulation.

Oh, oh. You know what this means; the Rapture is about to begin.

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