Arabian Countries Better Hope For Rain Clouds When America Decides To Drop The Bomb

"Little Boy" was the first uranium based atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima, during World War II, vapourizing 90 -166 thousand people in an instant, Aug 6, 1945.  

"Fat Man" the second bomb, on the other hand was a plutonium based nuclear bomb that hit Nagasaki, three days later that vapourized 40 - 80 thousand people, killing half of them instantly, the other half dying of radiation burns over a period of several months. It was the bomb supposedly made, to end all wars.

Little do people know but the city of Kokura, Japan was the intended target on that fateful day. The B-29 flew around the city for a good ten minutes, but it was too cloudy to get a good enough sighting to make a drop, all the while hoping not to be detected before scrapping the bombing and moving on to plan B, Nagasaki. The city of Kokura was spared.

I don't know about you but I find it fascinating, in those last 10 minutes, little did the population of Kokura know they were about to die, but fate intervened, a few thousand lives were spared at the cost of tens of thousands in Nagasaki. Why? 

All because of a little cloud, who knows maybe sent from heaven, or came from hell, depending on which city you lived in, Kokura or Nagasaki.

May I remind all Islamic countries in the Arab world, you don't have very many rain clouds in your dry arid desert cities to protect you like lucky Kokura did, when America decides to drop another bomb to end all wars. Food for thought!

She did it twice before and without a doubt, if provoked will do it again.  

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GlynneZachary Kearns said...

If not the states, soviets will....or that little fucker in n.korea