'Yowie' — Bigfoot's Counterpart in Australia With Funny Feet — They Face Backwards

This was reported in the Western Australian Newspaper on April 23, 1880: 

A man named Mr. O'Dea was driving his wagon, towards the town of Minlaton, South Australia when his team of horses suddenly became spooked. As he strained his eyes ahead to see what was causing the fuss, he noticed something on the trail about 20 yards ahead, in the shape of a man but more of an ape, with long hair, red eyes and long arms, at least 7 ft tall .  He thought it looked somewhat half-man, half-ape or a baboon. 

He started chasing it, but no matter how fast he made the horses go, the creature out ran them, then it stopped, belched out a loud cry, that sounded like Y-a-h-o-o (hence it's name as it is pronounced 'Yowie') then vanished jumping into the dense bush along side the trail. Mr. O'Dea mentioned he could smell the foul stench that it left in it's wake, as it ran away.

These creatures are not new to Australia, a lot of research is being conducted on the Yahoo. Aborigines have names for them since time began, the noccohah. In other parts of Australia like north Queensland they call it quinkin, in New South Wales; jurrawarra, myngawin, and puttikan, and in Western Australia the gulaga. There are many other names, which have one thing in common, they all mean, 'hairy men.' In Tasmania he is called the bugaboo.

It had big clawed feet and hands. The only difference between America's Sasquatch and the Himalayan Yeti is with the Yowies' feet. The Yowie unlike the Abominable Snowman or Big foot, can turn their feet around to face backwards, believed to fool the early trappers. It could walk or run on all fours but was basically bipedal and slender than a man in stature. The main part of their diet is fresh kangaroo meat, and the occasional human, but that cannot be verified.

If you have ever read the classic book, Gulliver's Travels written by Jonahan Swift, in 1726 you might remember when Gulliver met a Yahoo, on an island off the coast of Australia. A frightful, smelly, hairy creature that had long claws that extended forward and behind and roared like a lion.

Gulliver Meeting A Yahoo

As more and more British and other Europeans occupied the continent the sightings became more frequent and still to this day stories abound with sightings of the Yahoo, Australia's counterpart to Big-Foot, even though their ankles might be double jointed allowing their feet to dislocate and enabling them to point backwards, they could be a distant relative to the Sasquatch.

The search for the elusive Yowie continues. Maybe that's how they do it down under. Going at it a little backwards in the wrong direction. Time will tell. One is destined to be caught sooner or later, either coming or going.

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Ref: Unexplained! - Jerome Clark

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