Why Do Muslims in Saudi Arabia Hate the West and Wage "Jihad" on Us?

If we use Saudi Arabia, headed by the descendants of Abdul Wahhab (imam) as a model, what would the world be like if Islam becomes globally triumpant? Wahhabism, the demand to return to the original glory of the early Islamic "Ummah," is unmistakably "mainstream" in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabis are more extreme and violent than other models of Islam, in all ages, more than Mohammad himself and his followers were during Mohammad's life time.

In Saudi Arabia freedom of religion does not exist. If Islam becomes the official religion of the world, then everyone on earth will become Muslims. There will be no separation of religion and state. Such a separation could not exist.

Conversion, abandonment and renunciation of Islam, by a Muslim to another religion is apostasy and any public apostasy is a crime punishable by death if not recanted. All children in Saudi Arabia receive Islamic religious education, it is mandatory in all levels of schooling.

People have no right to change the government. Only the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars can review the governments public policies for compliance with Sharia Law. The Saudi government's views are the only necessary guide to protect human rights. Discrimination is based on sex and religion.  

The Saudi religious police, also known as the Committee to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vise, use intimidation and abuse to detain it's citizens and foreigners and include beatings, sleep deprivation and torture. Punishment includes; public flogging, amputation (an eye for an eye), execution by beheading, stoning to death, or lined up in front of a firing-squad.

In the year 2000 alone, the authorities carried out 120 executions, the men by beheading, the women by firing-squad. There were 27 amputations including 7 that were multiple amputations, (right hand and left leg).  Less serious crimes such as drinking in public or being alone in the company of an unrelated person of the opposite sex deems a flogging with a cane.

The King of Saudi Arabia (a direct descendant of Ibn Saud) remains their imam. He and the Wahhabi see it as their sacred duty to evangelize the world, and that includes us. 

Saudi money, the petro-dollar windfall has paid for over a 1,000 mosques to be built in the United States, and another several thousand through-out the world, yet not one church or synagogue can be built in Saudi Arabia. How fair is that?

You might ask the question, Why does a Muslim in Saudi Arabia hate the west and wage jihad on us, so much so, that he is willing to kill as many Infidels as possible and to give up his life for the cause? Is it Elvis, Doublemint Gum, Wendy's hamburgers, Broadway or Hollywood, that are so distasteful to them?

Us Westerners better get a grip. We better understand that there is a war in progress, called "Jihad," a holy war. Maybe they're not out to seek and conquer our land (not to be ruled out) but they without a doubt are after our souls. They want to see the disappearance of our freedoms, our civilization. Seeking to end our way of living and dying, our way of praying or not praying, how we eat, what we eat and drink, dress, entertain, how we educate ourselves; I'll get to the point, even how to take a divine poo. In other words anything that isn't Muslim. If Allah says it's so, then it is so. Finis!

If we don't defend ourselves, oppose them, or fight back they will win, guaranteed. With that we will lose our culture, our art, our science, our morals, our values and our pleasures, maybe even our lives. Gulp! 

Islam was born from the desert and is defined by jihad, which perpetually creates new deserts from whatever it touches, it does not separate religion and politics. 

What are we going to do? Sit back and let it happen, or fight back. The decision is ours. We better get it right, our whole way of life is in jeopardy. 

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