Where I Live — The Surrey Corridor — Apparently, It's Swarming With UFOs

Between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, sits the Surrey Corridor, this is where I live, a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It's a hot spot for UFO activity. Surrey sits just east of YVR. Airplanes arriving at the airport land in an east to west direction, flying right over top of my house, but still high enough to be silent as they approach.

This could explain the many UFO sightings attributed to the Surrey Corridor, from low flying 747s to the many other flights descending from the sky landing at the airport. But, can it explain them all?

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) claims to have received many reports from this area, too long to list and mention them all but here are a few;

Bill Oliver of Surrey on three different occasions video taped, a white light that changed from a dot to an acorn shaped flying saucer, which hovered and zigzagged across the sky atop his house.

Another man with four other occupants in a car driving near the Sunshine Hills area witnessed a UFO that was fluid in nature, with no exact shape. It followed them for about 10 minutes just above the tree line until it shot up into the sky and disappeared.

A retired Canadian air force military man, Malcolm Corey saw a red fire ball with wings fly over his house in an odd flight pattern.

One night in May of 1999, a man came running into the Ocean Beach pub claiming he had just seen a huge ball of blue plasma flying low over Semiahmoo Bay, in White Rock, as if it were under intelligent control. The next evening at a McDonald's nearby, people in the parking lot witnessed a boomerang shaped object moving slowly across the sky before it rose rapidly and disappeared. Five minutes later two woman saw the same object. Another couple saw the object flying over Hwy #99, then another shortly afterwards. A man in Aldergrove saw a stationary UFO with flashing lights floating just above the power lines, near his house.

If you've been following my blogs you might remember me mentioning a scientist named Dr. Michael Persinger, the physiological psychologist that invented the God Helmet, he proposed the UFO sightings and lights were caused by his theory, Tectonic Strain Theory (TST), that rocks compressing against one another could produce electromagnetic discharges, which materialize as lights. In fact most of the sightings were in timing with tremors deep inside the earth, which makes scientists believe there is a connection between the two, UFOs and Earthquakes. We also know that energy fields affect the human mind directly, producing hallucinations, dizziness and even epilepsy.

More research has to be done before we can accept the TST theory. Could it be the explanation scientists are enthusiastically looking for? Maybe some but not them all. 

After all, it doesn't explain the metallic saucer shaped UFOs witnessed flying across Surrey's sunny daytime skies, or does it? 

Scientists now say these earth lights can be explanations for every single UFO sighting. These lights can be large or small, oval, square or triangular, rod-shaped, even appearing like an emergency flare and often appearing as metallic, shiny aluminum in daylight. 

In other words they say, these lights could explain any UFO sighting ever seen, in all time, all over the world. Sounds wishy-washy to me, and smells of a cover-up, a conspiracy theory in the making.

I'm always looking up, unfortunately no luck yet on seeing a UFO, but from now on, I'll be looking up with my camera in hand. I want to see one for myself and capture the image for everyone else to see, to prove to myself I'm on the right track.

The Surrey Corridor, where I live, apparently it's swarming with UFOs. Sooner or later, I'll spot one.

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Tim Clark said...

And maybe the objects flying around, with whatever propulsion system they use to zoom around the galaxy, are causing seismic events.

I hope you see one, hell, I hope I see one, as well. Keep looking.