The United States and Canada — We Aren't Mentioned In The Bible, Why?

Is it just me feeling a little rejected, better still; feeling abandoned, or am I the only one who asks strange questions like; Why is the United States and Canada not mentioned in the Bible

Simple question isn't it? Did God not know about America or Canada? Two moral and religious countries that were founded on the premises of the Ten Commandments. Why isn't America named as one of the superstars among countries in Bible prophecy

It got me thinking... Is America and Canada not going to be playing their usual roles of being the good guys, during the end of times?

I've searched and searched. Nope. Not one little iota of a mention. Nary a word that sounds anything like America, nor Canada. Some akin us — and it's all speculation — that we might be one of the four beasts (nations) that rise up from the sea. 

There could be several reasons why we have been omitted. One possibility of course is; that there might not be an America nor a Canada during the end of times. The whole North American continent could be wiped off the face of the earth by nuclear war or by something so simple as an asteroid, long before the end of times. The threat of something like this happening can't be ruled out, especially if you've been watching the news lately, an example would be; Iran's nuclear ambitions and Russia supplying them with the means and technology, or those sudden close encounters with asteroids and meteors. 

Then there's another possibility, America and Canada decline in military might, becoming another France, another Britain, which is really never a possibility for me. Really! America, Canada? I know that won't happen.

Does it even matter if the United States or Canada is mentioned in the Bible, since none of the wicked (most of us) are supposedly unable to understand the prophecies until the end of times, anyway? Daniel 12:9-13

It gives new meaning for the words, "In God We Trust." If he didn't even think we were worth at least one little honourable mention in his book, The Bible, to hell with him! 

After all, the United States and Canada are the ultimate Peace Keepers of the 20th Century, victors of two World Wars. Doesn't he know that? 

Should God be trusted? I'll leave it up to you to decide. Personally, I'm sitting on the fence, I was always under the impression God knew everything, so he should know of Canada's and America's accomplishments, even though we were still to come in the future before the Bible was written. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the united states and canada have to be mentioned in the bible... Like so many other nations aren't mentioned in the bible. God does know everything but we dont so instead of questions why this and why that its better to trust in him because we dont know what we're asking