The Strange Story Of Two Spinsters Who Entered The Versailles Time Slip

You walk out of your house one morning in San Fransisco and when you hit the sidewalk you are momentarily transported into another era, another time. The street has turned to dirt. A horse pulling a buggy dashes by causing the dust to stir. A woman in strange clothing is holding onto what looks like a bonnet on her head. You're stunned, women don't wear large hats like that, anymore. You turn around and your house has disappeared. Where your house was, it is now a field. A horse is standing looking at you with it's head hanging over a fence.

As suddenly as the scene appeared it fades away. You're back in front of your house.

It's called a 'Time Slip.'

Here is one famous case, The Versailles Time Slip, that might send chills down your spine, because it has been proven. It involves Marie Antoinette. The story goes something like this:

In 1901, two spinster English teachers, Anne Moberly a principle of St. Hugh's college in Oxford and Eleanor Jourdain as a principle, went on a vacation together. 

Catherine Anne Soberly and Eleanor Jourdain

On their itinerary they planned to visit the Petit Trianon (a small chateau in Versailles given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI in 1774. This is were the story gets odd.

As they were wandering the area, they both got this eerie sensation. They couldn't explain it. Just then two men, oddly dressed approached them and pointed them in the direction of Petit Trianon. Nearing the chateau they noticed a woman sitting on the lawn, in a large white hat and dress, her back to the house. In her lap she was drawing something on a piece of paper. The two teachers immediately recognized her as Marie Antoinette!

They also heard strange music. So strange, Anne who was musically inclined wrote the music notes down. All the experts later agreed, it was nothing like they've ever heard before. They also sketched the Petit Trianon and the gardens. 

The story gets even odder; with a little research it was discovered that Marie Antoinette actually had been at the Petit Trianon. She had just heard news, a mob from Paris was planning to take over the palace, so she fled to Petit Trianon for safety. 

In Paris, the music that the two women heard, turned up in old manuscripts composed especially for Marie on her 34th birthday, October 5, 1789. They played that music at Petit Trianon that day. In another journal, written by one of lady Marie Antoinette's court read;

"Two women dressed in strange clothes wandered unexpectedly onto the grounds."

Which means they must have seen the two women, from 1901, caught in a time slip.

Ironically, the landscape depicted by the drawings the two women made, matched what the grounds looked like in 1789, not what it looked like in 1901.

Interesting and may or may not be related, but in August of 1901, most of Europe experienced a rash of violent electrical storms. Could these storms have opened some sort of portal that transported these two women into another era and back?

There have been other and more recent experiences of a time slip in Versailles, but none as impressive as the day the two spinsters saw Marie Antoinette, in the flesh, dressed in white, donning a big white hat.

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