The Light At The End Of The Tunnel — Where Does That Unearthly Light Come From?

You're lying on your death bed. Family and friends are gathered around you. You are dying. They approach one by one as you lay there, you can't tell if you're awake or dreaming. You hear them say, "Go To The Light." Some whisper it in your ear. "Go toward the light." Then you see it, it's glowing at the end of a long tunnel. A white light so bright you can't resist looking at it. It begs you to come near, you seem to be floating towards it...

Where does that unearthly light come from? Almost everyone who has had an out-of body experience has seen it. It's said to be like a bright light at the end of a long tunnel. What is it's source? What is this white light everyone is talking about?

REM intrusion explains what is happening in the brain as it functions during a near-death experience. The REM switch activates electrical impulses that radiate from the brainstem upward, which energizes the visual brain. Severe low pressure causes the eye ball's retina to lose peripheral vision, creating the tunnel. The light at the end of this tunnel can be explained coming from two different sources.

The first is ambient light. Close your eyes. Can you notice the light that comes through your eye lids? During a near-death experience as a person struggles to keep conscious, the eye lids do not close entirely. Light strikes the blood starved retina and gets distorted. This distortion is then sent by the visual system to the brain, which is on the verge of consciousness. By this time the brain is half asleep and gets this visual distortion as pieces of broken light, which are interpreted by the brain to be; a light at the end of a tunnel.

The second source of this light could be the light of REM consciousness, the supreme ruler of the visual brain (visual cortex). That is when outside light doesn't get to the brain, and REM sleep takes over the visual parts, creating visual images which are important to our dreams and REM intrusions. This is what gives near-death experiences their out-of-this-world quality, the same as when a person has lucid dreams.

If your brain is lacking in blood so much that you become blind, it still has the ability to create dreamy like imagery. A stroke victim, unable to physically see after his stroke still manages to dream in images. REM consciousness still functions if the outside lights are shut off when it first enters the visual cortex, in fact it is quite normal to do so. That part of the brain, the visual cortex normally shuts down and cuts us off from the outside world during REM sleep every night, it's the other parts of the visual brain that produces the light of our dream images.

So, as I stated before, if you are not prepared to die and you find yourself someday, lying in a bed dying, with people whispering in your ear, "Go to the light, go toward the light," I suggest; turn around and jump back into your body. 

If you are prepared to die then by all means, "Go toward the light." Don't let me or anyone stop you.

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