'Prison Islam' — A New Islamic Recruitment Office Soon To Open In A Prison Near You

Muslims make up from 17 - 20% of prison population in the United States, about 350,000 people. 'Prison Islam' is a gang-like clique of Muslims that promote false Islamic ideals onto other prisoners, trying to enlist them as followers of Islam by conversion. 

The idea of being incarcerated is not what it used to be. Prison have become the new Islamic recruitment office for Muslims.

There is a unique dimension of Islam in North America, which is solely an American/Canadian phenomenon and that is the recruitment of conversions to Islam among our incarcerated inmates. It's been going on for years in other countries we just haven't been paying attention.

Most of us already know that there is a disproportionate number of American minorities (African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans) that are serving sentences in our countries jails and prisons. It's estimated 25% of all African American males in North America between the ages of 20 and 29 on any given day, are involved with the judicial system.

Since Malcolm X, and the Nation of Isalm—if anyone is old enough to remember him—and his influence as a great Islamic religious leader, the number of converts in prisons have risen drastically and show no sign of letting up. It is said that people who take up Islam while in prison are less likely to reoffend and return, not saying that some don't because there are a lot that do, they are just the least likely to reoffend. These new Muslims add substantially to the overall numbers of Muslims in the community as a whole. Muslims realize this, besides multiplying like rabbits and immigration, it's the next largest modifier to raise numbers to the faith.

While incarcerated these new Muslim converts want better conditions to suite their new found religious beliefs. They are claiming they have special rights now. They need food prepared halal style (religiously acceptable food). They need to meet for Friday afternoon worship. They need to grow facial hair and to use perfumed oils.

Unfortunately, upon release inmates are not met effectively, nor united with their new fellow Muslims. Mosques and other Islamic organizations are realizing the importance of these new Muslims and former Muslim inmates and help them with government resources and government socializing programs according to Islamic tradition and principles. Before you know it, these new Muslims will have set up recruitment centres called Masjid, masquerading as mini-mosques.

I was always under the impression that once you enter the penal system, you lost all your rights until your sentence was carried out and you were released, but I must be wrong, where did I get that silly idea?

Before we know it, Muslims will have set up recruitment centres known as 'Prison Islam' in prisons all over the world. China, Russia and North Korea, included. 

Soon to be in a prison near you, here in North America. Watch for it!

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