Phenomenal Qualia — You Don't Know Nothing Until You've Sensed It !

Knowing Things Using Our Senses To Collect Data:

You are a materialist. You believe everything is matter, that reality consists of nothing but physical things and their properties. 

In this hypothesis; you have not heard of the vegetable, spinach. You've never seen or tasted spinach, which by the way is my favourite vegetable. Would you know what it tasted like, if I described the taste to you?

The answer would be a definite no, not if you haven't tasted it. You will never know what spinach tastes like until you taste it. No matter how hard I tried to tell you what spinach tasted like, it would be like talking to a brick wall, you might imagine what it tastes like but you still wouldn't not know what spinach tasted like. 

But, if you do taste spinach then you will know what spinach tastes like. You will have gained a special knowledge that materialists overlook all the time, called Phenomenal Information by Qualia.  

Only by tasting spinach can someone know what spinach tastes likes, all the guessing in the world of what spinach tastes like is not enough information, just by learning about spinach is not enough, it has to be tasted to know the taste.  

The brain cannot make templates of what spinach tastes like, until we taste it. When the brain is shown the patterns of spinach by tasting, it then and only then can make a template of what spinach tastes like. The brain then gains the abilities that allow us to recognize the taste, to imagine the taste and form our attitude towards the taste of spinach.

This is how we know things, through Phenomenal Qualia, using our senses to collect data. 

So, if it looks like shite, smells like shite, tastes like shite then it's probably shite. 

If you've never seen shite before, you really don't know what that something really looks like until you've seen it. You can't know what a sound is either, until you hear it. Nor, can you smell a scent until you smelled it, and you can't feel a shape until you touched it, no matter how much knowledge you have about it you will never really know it. 

What you need is Phenomenal Qualia, or what I'll call, "Experience."

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Anthony Garis said...

I enjoyed this discussion. I don't see how it's an argument against materialism though.