Mohammad Would Veil The Ones He Loved. The Ones he Didn't Veil, He Just Had Sex With!

The Old and New Testaments recognize slavery. But the Gospels do not recognize the institution of slavery as divinely ordained, after all slaves are just plain men equal in the eyes of God, regardless of their status in life, male or female. To early Christians, slavery was a man-made thing.

On the other hand, the Qurán assures us that the Muslim has a right to own slaves (to possess their necks) and assumes that slavery exists and is a permanent fact of life, but regulates slavery in fine detail and endows it with divine sanction. Mohammad and his cronies all owned slaves either acquiring them through purchasing or collecting them as spoils of war.  Mohammad's scriptures recognized the rights and differences between a master and his slave. The Qurán also urges kindness to ones slave and not to be cruel to them, after all the slave was superior than a pagan but knowingly forced to become a believing slave. In the eye of a Muslim, a brother of the freeman and to Allah himself. 

Mohammad would Veil The Ones He Loved. The Ones he Didn't Veil, He Just Had Sex With!

Mohammad, after becoming wealthy had dozens of slaves, regularly buying and selling both males and females, some of them, their names are recorded to posterity, descendants for everyone to see. When Mohammad took a female captive, he would either veil her or not, depending on his sexual attraction to her. Veiled he considered them married to him, unveiled just a piece of property to do as he pleased. 

It is impossible to enslave a Muslim, on the other hand it's okay to kill an Infidel or to enslave him and his offspring. Mohammad and Islam in general have racist views, that Arabs were "the noblest of all races" and exempt from becoming a slave. Four caliphs who came after Mohammad discouraged the enslavement of free Muslims, the practice eventually became prohibited, however dissident non-muslims were reduced to slavery or death if they could not be exchanged, ransomed or sold, they did make a few exceptions.

Obeying his master was the slave's only key to paradise. A slave has no legal power or rights whatsoever. A Muslim slave owner was entitled by law to sexual enjoyment from a female slave, at his will.  

The Arab slave trade was big business and flourished when Muslims expanded into Africa. Arabs preferred the Nubians and Ethiopians because of their slender features and thin noses. Tribes (like the Bantus) nearer the equator with their fat noses and heavier builds were deemed for hard labour doing menial tasks. Slavery still survives in Mauritania and Sudan to this day.

If compared to the trans-Atlantic slavery trade, the Islamic slave trade has been going on for 13 centuries while the New World influx of slaves lasted three centuries. Over 10 million Africans were delivered to the New World by the middle of the 19th century, by comparison the Islamic slave trade was many times greater. The Atlantic slave trade regarded slaves as valuable assets, who's lives should be guarded, but for Muslims, slaves were cheap, easily available and dispensable. Most slaves that went to the Americas were male and worked together in groups, but not for Muslims, most were female, they feared large numbers of black male slaves working in one location, so used the males as domestic servants, where they could be watched. Women, were used primarily as sex objects with some concubines totalling in the hundreds. Some male slaves were forced to undergo castration (eunuchs) to keep them under control. 

Today, in the Americas, there are tens of millions of descendants of slaves, but in the Muslim world hardly none alive outside of Africa. Yet, in Saudi Arabia where the word "black" is synonymous with the word slave, there is an estimate of over a 1/4 of a million slaves, 100,000 full time slaves, and 300,000 half slaves, all of them black.

Thousand of miles away from Saudi Arabia, in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province, girls as young as 5 are auctioned off to the highest bidders. They sell for $80 to $100 each depending on the colour of their eyes and skin, virgins bring in more.

It's ironic to me that communities in America such as the Nation of Islam, urge African Americans to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam, calling Islam home "spiritually" nearer their African roots. The irony here is, African Christianity pre-dates Islam by many centuries.

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