Islamic Infiltration — The Conquest of America by Demographics — Rather Than Using Military Means

Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the Western world. There are over 20 million Muslims in the European Union alone. It is estimated by the year 2020, Muslims will exceed 10% of Europe's total population and over here, there will be 10 million Muslims calling America, home. Expanding mostly by immigration and an enormous birth rate, many times greater than non-Muslims.

The immigration that is happening today is nothing like the wave of the 1880's and 90's. In that case, everything was upfront. They didn't come to bully us into their way of belief and world-views, like they are doing today. At that time, the immigration business was regulated by Acts of Congress, inviting Muslims to come to America. 

Today it's a different story, immigrants are protected by cynic politicians, that close one eye or both. There hasn't been one Act, inviting or even urging Muslims to come to the U.S.A. Since 911, none.

What's wrong with the expansion of Islam in the United States now is; the wave of immigrants are arriving under a veil of secrecy, there is no transparency with their motives. Where once they were meek and under great stress, they are now arrogant with their new found rights and freedoms. Most early immigrants workers never expected to stay more than a few years in the non-Muslim west, but that soon changed as soon as they realized the economic opportunities which awaited him.

Thirty years later, in Great Britain, the population jumped from 82,000 to 2 million. Germany today has 4 million, France 5 million, Italy and the Netherlands, a million each. Spain another 1/2 million and growing rapidly. One tenth of all babies born in Europe are Muslim. 

This is creating Muslim neighbourhoods in every major metropolitan area in Europe and now starting in America, separating culture from territory. Dearborn, Michigan comes to mind. Simply put, it is the same as "Infiltration," the bold notion of conquest by demographic rather than by military means. There are four stages to the Islamic conquest. The first is to infiltrate. The second is to consolidate power. Third is; open war using leadership and culture. Lastly, totalitarian Islamic Theocracy, where Sharia Law becomes the law of the land and some sheik from Iran, becomes the new president of the United States.

Just something to think about! Because it's happening. Probably, in a mosque somewhere in your neighbourhood, plots are being planned and implemented for stage two of the Great Islamic Conquest, "Gaining Power."

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