Is It A Good Thing To Die?

No one really wants to die. I certainly don't. I also don't want to live forever. 

Some of us think death as an awful fate, while others sit on the fence when it comes to the end of ones life, although they both basically hope their own deaths are painless and don't come too early.

If you think about it, life is all you really have and to lose it would be the greatest loss. Death has no value for the person living, negative or positive if all we are left with is a blank sheet of white. So, to die, is it evil or good? This question should be interesting to people who believe in their own immortality because a person's attitude toward immortality must depend on your own death.

Suppose everyone is healthy, if not then that's another story that I won't dwell on that aspect here, but if you are healthy, life has it's good points, like perception, desire, activity and thought which gives life organization. Death cannot be evil except what it deprives us from (a long life) and all the goodness life has to offer.

Compare the infinite time you spent before you were born and the infinite time you will spend after death, it then makes sense not to fear death, because in both times you do not exist.

Keats died at the age of 24. Tolstoy at 82, that's hardly fair.  It's tragic in the sense that Keats was deprived of so many years and Tolstoy was allowed many more years of life, but neither is more tragic than the other. We all have a natural life span, about 100 years. We cannot live much longer than that. When your time is up, your time will be up, nothing can change that.

Looking at death this way we all have an indefinite future. If we were to live to be a thousand and one it would be a tragedy to die at forty and if their is no age limit to the amount of life one could expect, then it might possibly be, in the future, after man has discovered immortality, there's going to be a bad end in store for all of us.

It may not be good to die, but it's inevitable as with birth. We didn't ask for life nor will we be asking for death. We'll just have to accept our lot in life, and that includes; people are going to die no matter what, hopefully, our lot in life includes living long lives.

So I conclude, since it was a good thing you were born, it must be a good thing to die! It's something we call, "A Life" with a beginning and an end. What do you think, is it a good thing to die?

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