Immigrants Wanted — Going to Mars — Room For One More

Let's face it, any mission to Mars faces unimaginable and extraordinary technical challenges. Past exploration to the Red Planet shows we're not quite up to par with our expectations. Mars after all is known as the Bermuda Triangle of the solar system. Mission after mission was met with disaster; from the 1960's malfunctioning Soviet Mars 1M and 2M dubbed, "Marsnik" by us westerners, to Britains Beagle 2, that got lost in space, in 2003.

For a successful mission to Mars to be accomplished, it would have to launch safely, make the voyage, land on Mars, do whatever it had promised to do, collect specimens and such, launch again from the surface of Mars, make the journey back then safely land again back here on earth. The complete journey taking no less than three years, that's a long time, with an unforetold array of different disaster scenario's that could happen and all the while ensuring none of the samples became contaminated with terrestrial organisms or the whole mission would be lost. There is also the fear of bringing a harmful alien microbe back with them, introducing it to Earth.

Possibly, the first manned missions to Mars may not be made by man at all, there is a possibility robots will be the first explorers sent from Earth to represent mankind, but no matter there has been a list of people just waiting to board "Mars One" and "Mars Two" to become first settlers to colonize Mars. Who knows there could be an infinite amount of Mars trips waiting just for you. Each mission at first will take four individuals, then I imagine something like Space Ship Liners, holding hundreds, buffets to die for. 

If you want to be one of the first settlers on Mars, here are the requirements needed. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you. There is no returning. It's a one way flight. Once you've left Earth, Mars will become your new home. After taking off and you're on your way there is no changing your mind. There is no reverse. 

Earth will become a place you once knew, a story you will be able to tell your little Martian children, of a green and blue planet called Earth, as mysterious as the Red Planet is to us, today.

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