God's Helmet — It'll Take You to Heaven and If You're Lucky, You'll Get to Meet God, Himself!

I thought I heard of everything until I heard about the God Gene and God's Helmet.  

Different regions of your brain have a variety of very complex and multidimensional tasks and different functions like; consciousness, emotions, seeing, moving and spiritual perception. If we dissect a human brain, we'll find lots of jelly looking stuff, lots of nerve fibres and some neurotransmitters, all of which we use to produce thoughts and allows for our bodies to function.

But, and this is a big but, there is not one single substance in the brain that produces say, your sense of humour. Not one gram of substance has been found that lets you appreciate art and music, not even a substance that lets you feel the comfortable chair you are sitting in, nor a substance that will give you the ability to distinguish good from evil. It's just not there.

So, along comes this molecular biologist named Dean Hamer, working on gene structure for the U.S. National Cancer Institute and he proposes the existence of a "God Gene" known as VMAT2 

Then, a neuropsychologist at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Dr. Michael Persinger invents a helmet that he dubs the 'God Helmet' (Koren Helmet) a vesicular monoamine transporter, where wearers allegedly are induced with spiritual and mystical experiences by electromagnetically stimulating the temporal lobes of the person who's head it's on. 

This God Helmet was actually a modified snow-mobile helmet, rigged with solenoids and were said to stimulate the brain to experience things like heaven and God, himself. 

Persinger had a hard time financing his project because it failed to demonstrate any consistency in the God experiences, relying basically on inference from the reports that his subjects made. 

Where, he should have produced imaging data that supported his claim about what was actually happening in his subjects brain. He was constantly turned down for grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and had to finance most of his research himself. Persinger's claim that spiritual experiences can be induced by stimulating the temporal lobes with electromagnetic waves failed miserably on scientific tests. NSERC soon lost interest.

The helmet was shelved until it's recent sudden interest. Now, there are new models, guaranteed to take you somewhere, heaven or hell.

Unfortunately, we now know, there is no 'God Spot' and all parts of the brain are involved in mystical and religious experiences, not just the temporal lobes, including the parietal lobule, the visual cortex, the caudate nucleus and the left brain stem, plus many others. The brain mediates but does not produce spiritual experiences.

Spiritual experiences are not caused by certain genes or neural disorders, nor can they be created in the laboratory by using technology. At least not yet, anyway.

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