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For the True Followers of Allah — There's an Added Bonus Awaiting Them In Paradise

In Islam, men are neither "Fallen" nor "Saved," not as in the Christian belief, where the "Fall" goes hand in hand with "Salvation."

To be granted everlasting life in Islam, all one has to do is avoid any disbelief in Allah. You can't hide anything from Allah, he knows who believes and who doesn't. 

There is only one sin in Islam that Allah will never forgive you for and that is, shirk; association with other divinities. Since Allah is so absolute there is no possibility of human free will. All Muslims are predestined of all that they think, say and do, which is willed by Allah. He knows everything in this world that there is to know, whether good or bad and his will predetermines what was and what shall be.

Allah picks and choses who will sin and who will believe. Why this is so, no one knows. Those that sin will suffer for eternity in a place called Gehenna, a place of eternal punishment, with it's many layers. One for the faithless Muslims, one for Jews, one for Christians, then for pagans and others, then hypocrites. Eventually all men will face the Day of Resurrection (judgement day), similar to what is mentioned in the New Testament. No one really knows why some people are predestined by Allah, for hell and others for heaven, causing many a Muslim much grief, fretting and worrying.

In many Quránic passages, the agony of the sinner is graphic, such as they will languish amid pestilential winds and scalding water, in the shadow of black smoke. Boiling water will be poured down their throats, clothing set aflame. For Infidels this agony will last for eternity, but for true Muslims that have sinned, they will eventually be risen to face judgement.

It's a totally different case if you are a virtuous believer in Islam, the sensual and tangible joys and glories of paradise will be yours. 

There is plenty of fresh water. Very important, since in Mohammad's time, the land was mostly desert and dry. Fountains and rivers will be everywhere, flowing with honey. A safe place, where everyone is draped in silk and wrapped in the finest robes. Stones and rocks are made out of rubies and emeralds. The earth smells of camphor and their bed of musk.

Girls, girls, virgin girls, —houris with the dark eyes, free from natural impurities and defects. Their breasts are kawa'eb, meaning they are firm with no sagging and no more than a handful. They will all be yours, for your enjoyment, awaiting for you, the believer. 

Each male Muslim will receive 72 houris, in paradise, so, Allah will endow you with a perpetual hard-on (erection) so you can copulate with each one. Qurán 9:72

That's not all, the really righteous will be served young boys who are kept youthful, pure as pearls, dressed in green clothing of silk and brocade, with bracelets and trinkets of gold and silver, plus lots of wine. Lots and lots of wine. You will lay on soft beds, couches and pillows to enjoy the pleasures of 300 of these male servants.

One only has to hear the cry of a suicide bomber before he explodes, or an airplane hi-jaker that smashes into tall buildings, here's what I'm talking about:

Sa'id Al-Hutari, the man that exploded himself and 23 Israeli teenagers at a Tel Aviv disco on June 1, 2001; he wrote in his will: "Call out in joy, oh my mother, distribute sweets, oh my father and brothers; a wedding with the black-eyed awaits your son in Paradise.

And another.

At the funeral of Izz Al-Din Al-Masri, the man that carried out the suicide bombing of the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem on August 9, 2001. What did his family do? They distributed candy and sweets accepting that their son rose to paradise as a bridegroom, married to the black-eyed in heaven.

It sounds more like hell than heaven or paradise to me. I get tired having sex once a year, let alone perpetually.

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Dog Brindle


Saverio Marasco Sr. said...

Dear Dog
72 virgins.... I can't handle one wife... lol. And mr allah is gonna have to perform a lotta miricles because an erection lasting more than 4 hours may cause permanent damage
Ha ha ha

Saverio Marasco Sr. said...

Dear Dog
72 virgins.... I can't handle one wife... lol. And mr allah is gonna have to perform a lotta miricles because an erection lasting more than 4 hours may cause permanent damage
Ha ha ha

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