For Muslims — The Heavens and Earth Tremble When Homosexuality Is Mentioned

There's something that makes Muslim's skin crawl. They have no words in Arabic to describe it. Homosexuality. Muslims in Arabic countries deny it even exists.

It is supposedly evidence of perversion, shameful and extremely filthy. The heavens and Earth and the mountains tremble when homosexuality is mentioned. 

The angels reportedly shake in anticipation when dealing out punishment. 

Many sins fit into this description of Islamic ideology besides homosexuality, such as idolatry (the worshipping of idols), atheism, apostasy (renunciation of Islam), drunkenness, adultery and even the questioning of the divine origin of the Qurán, but it's homosexuality that deserves the death penalty in many Islamic countries.

Saudi Arabia is notorious for carrying out sentences on homosexuals.  On April 16, 2001, five homosexuals were sentenced to 2,600 lashes and each received a 6 year prison sentence. Five others received 2,400 lashes and 5 years, 6 others the death penalty for deviant sexual behaviour. It's been estimated that since 1979, up to 4000 homosexual men have been executed. In January of 1990, 3 gay men and 2 lesbians were beheaded. In July of 1991, Article 110 of the Islamic Penal Law Against Homosexuals was approved and ratified, punishment for sodomy is death, dictated by the Sharia judge, who decides on how to carry out the sentence. Article 129, punishment for lesbianism, 100 lashes for each woman and if repeated three times Article 131: the death sentence is applied to the fourth time.

There is a discrepancy on how to carry out sentences. It is believed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, that the condemned homosexual should be taken to the top of the highest building and thrown off. Others believe they should be placed in a pit next to a wall that can be toppled onto them, crushing them to death and burying most alive, both methods firmly grounded in tradition. Muhammad's first successor Abu Bakr, watched in delight as he had one homosexual burned at the stake. Muhammad's son-in-law, the fourth caliph, ordered many a sodomite (both parties) stoned to death. 

A uniquely Islamic concept is the notion that before Sodom the city, homosexuality never existed, but male and female prostitution and same-sex practices, including abuse of young boys by older male relatives is running rampant, today. 

There are ten countries in the world today that still carry out the death penalty for homosexuals under Sharia Law. 

I find it amusing that in the Middle East there is a distinction between the sexual act itself which is deemed acceptable,  adult men are historically at the top of social hierarchies. Next on the ladder are women, boys and then slaves. A Muslim man who is having sexual relations with other men is not considered a homosexual because there is no word for homosexuality in Arabic, but on the contrary his sexual domination over other men may prove his super-masculinity, using other men as substitutes for women, deeming them worthless. The sex act is not what bothers Muslim per se, it's the love, the affection and equality between homosexuals that is unimaginable in Islam. Man is not allowed to love another man.

Sex in Islamic societies whether heterosexual or homosexual has never been about mutuality between partners. What it all boils down to is; the adult Muslim male receiving pleasure through domination over others.

In other words, Muslims agree homosexuality is an accepted form of dominance, but man is not allowed to love another man. It brings new meaning to the words... "Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance."

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Dog Brindle


sada said...

i think you have been totally misled, or the source of your information has been distorted. the act of homosexuality is not about showing love among same sex but the actual act of having sexual relations among the same gender!!!

Dog Brindle said...

No, I think you have it wrong. Homosexuality love between two men, is not accepted. The act of a man having sex with boys is acceptable, if you are the top man, leader of the house.