Could All Three Ghosts At Hampton Court Be Wearing The Same Dress?

Built at a cost of over 200,000 gold crowns in the 1500s, by the Archbishop of York, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Hampton Court is a very impressive building, fit for a king, which he later gave to a monarch, King Henry VIII

The palace has hanging on it's walls, irreplaceable precious works of art from the Royal Collection, boasts the best preserved medieval hall in Britain, The Great Hall, with original giant Tudor style kitchens designed to feed 600 people twice a day. The Palace is one of Britain's most popular historical attractions, with more than 1/2 a million visitors a year. 

Did I mention the palace also had ghosts? Lots of them. It's one of the most haunted buildings in Britain.  

But first, remember this... what colour do you see?

The same idea might apply here. There is a "Lady in Grey," who walks the cobblestone streets in a long grey dress. She's been likened to "Ole Faithful" you can set a clock to her appearances. Then there's a "Lady in Blue" who is continuously in search of something in a long blue dress.  

But, the most famous spirit that resides at the palace is Catherine Howard, now more famously known as the "Lady in White," Henry VIII's fifth wife. When he married her he openly declared that she was his, "Rose Without A Thorn." After 5 years of marriage she fell in love with a much younger man, named Thomas Culpepper. Henry found out. They were both beheaded in the Tower of London a few months later.

"The Lady in White," haunts the halls that she once was dragged down, against her will wearing a long white dress. Screams are often heard late at night.

My question is, could it just be the colour of her dress and how we perceive it, could it be just one ghost, that of Catherine, since no one knows who the Lady in Grey is, nor the Lady in Blue?

Could it just be an optical illusion and we just don't all see the same colour of Catherine's dress for what it is? White. No, blue. No, I mean grey.  

Oh what the hell! Next, when the novelty wears off, people will be seeing her in black. She'll be wearing her white dress but it might look black to some people.

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