Chang and Eng The Siamese Twins — How Did They Do It? — You Know The Hoochi-Coochi

If you are like me, you've always wondered how Chang and Eng Bunker did it? 

The two Chinese brothers that were joined at the hip, with a skin tag about the size of a test tube 3 inches long and one inch in diameter. They also shared a liver and gave the name to what we call Siamese Twins today, since they were Siamese conjoined twins.

Anyway, I'm talking about how they, DID IT! You know; the hoochi-coochi. Did one pretend to be asleep or read a comic book, while the other got it on with his wife? They married a pair of sisters, Adelaide and Sarah Yates.

They had it all worked out, they'd spend three nights at Chang's house with his wife and then three nights stay at Eng's place, with his wife.  It must have worked out fine because both men fathered many children, Eng 6, Chang 5. They didn't have paternity tests back then.

Apparently, sex wasn't the only thing they were good at, they also were expert marksmen with the old bow and arrow, four eyes being better than two for focusing, I assume. They could run faster than others in potatoe sack races, having lots of practice and they could swim faster than others, having four arms and four legs to peddle with. It's never ending the feats these two guys accomplished in their life times.

Having a dubious manager at the travelling carnival they lost all their money by the end of the American Civil War, but started touring on their own and gained much of it back. Chang, who was said to be bitchier than Eng, turned to alcohol and became a heavy drinker, which caused him to have a stroke, which affected them both. They died four years later three hours apart.

They never revealed their secrets about their sex lives, nor did their wives. They took the secret to their graves, the secret about how they did it, you know what I mean, the secrets of how they really DID IT, the hoochi-coochi.

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