Body Modification. It's Your Temple Do Whatever The Hell You Want With It.

It's really nobody's business what you do with your own body, as long as it's your own. That's how I figure... 

Here's a story I remember...

I was walking down the main street of Provincetown, Mass. back in the 70's. Along came this young couple pushing a baby carriage, obviously two characters, remnants from the hippie era. I just happened to look inside the buggy as they passed. Here a child, no more than two or three, was sitting up looking out. I couldn't help but notice a swastika, amateurishly tattooed on the kids forehead, probably by their parents one night stoned on some wild drug. Was that okay? I could imagine this little child's life as it grew up. There is a possibility it could have been removed. But still. 

I wanted to say something to the couple but decided to mind my own business. Still, it's strange don't you think. I'm sure in 2015, parents that do that to their children would be arrested for child abuse. 

At one time, flattening the skull (artificial cranial deformation) was a common body modification among the Native Indians of the Pacific Northwest. They achieved that desired flat-head effect by attaching a cradle board or a bag of sand to the child's forehead forcing it to grow flat.

For centuries there has been an array of different ways people used to shape and modify the skull. People have also banded various parts of it, squeezing it into an hour glass shape, for beauty sake. They have chiseled, pegged, made relief designs and blackened their teeth. Mayan Indians thought cross-eyes were the most beautiful, so dangled trinkets near to the baby's face, forcing them to look cross-eyed.

Then there's the tongue. It's been split, pieced, slashed, and elongated. As crazy as it sounds, I've heard of a tribe in Australia that pierces the tongue so they can pull a cord of thorns through it. 

Libyas' have been elongated, circumcised, and pierced. Necks have been stretched like play dough. (Padaung women wear fifteen-inch brass neck rings to pull four vertebrae into the neck).

Throughout history breasts have been manipulated and compressed. Waists have been squeezed for that hour glass figure and the penis has been mutilated beyond recognition, circumcised, pierced and enlarged.

Then I got to thinking, we haven't changed that much, people are still modifying their bodies today. Look at how many tattooed bodies you will see on the beach this summer and notice all the nose, ear, eyebrow, tongue, cheeks that are pierced on others when you walk down the street. 

How popular today are breast enlargements or reductions, facelifts, and tummy tucks. You can even get extra padding implanted in your rear-end to give you that big ass look. Botox is mainstream. No body part is immune.

Today as far as cultures go, we are just as weird with our own fetishes, aimed basically at female boobs. We are fixated on female boobs. Real men today are tit men. Men love tits. Why is that? The bigger the better it seems. 

And women comply. They too, want bigger tits.

It seems that two big white elephants in the room aren't big enough for some people. I always thought more than a handful was enough, but then again who's business is it anyway?

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