Are We Prepared For An Alien Invasion — Five Questions To Ask

Depending on whether you believe in UFO's and aliens or not, here's the five questions you need to ask, if by chance we do encounter an alien invasion; 

What if one day, a huge mother ship came to earth, or had been here for centuries without us knowing and suddenly emerge from the centre of the earth? Full of ugly slimy creatures, hell bent on collecting every last human and eating us. Or, tripods, like the aliens in the book or the movie, "War of the Worlds," there are countless others.  

Is that too far fetched?

Okay then, what if one day, a smaller UFO, the size of a jumbo jet descended from the sky, followed by thousands of other similar UFOs, hell bent on taking over Earth, on some sort of alien religious conquest, or something? 

No, still too far fetched?

There's a movie, a comedy,"Mars Attacks," sounds like it fits the bill. 

Still no?

How about spreading the seed and multiplying, that sort of thing? "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers," etc.

 The famous Donald Sutherland scream


Well, what about one space ship landing in Central Park, like in the movie, "The Day The Earth Stood Still." Aliens coming to earth to save the planet and forewarning humans of "Armageddon." that will end earth, if we don't change our evil ways. As if they'd really care what we are doing.

No? Too unbelievable?

Then there's Alf, and Mork? The friendly comical looking aliens. I wouldn't mind those kinds of aliens, here by accident. 


These are just examples, of "What if the Earth was invaded by aliens?" Someone's interpretation of what could happen but none in reality have actually happened, nor do I propose will ever happen. 

There can never be a preparedness for an Alien invasion do to all of the unknowns, so until we know for sure that we are actually being invaded by aliens, it really doesn't matter. It'll be too late. 

We got to know what we're dealing with first and where they come from. Why are they here and where they are going to strike first. It would help if we knew when, but that's highly unlikely because we don't know if they're already here or not.

Then, we will all take a big gulp before we ask the last question. How? Once we know how, then we can get prepared.  

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Tim Clark said...

I think they will probably come in like missionaries to save us from our pagan ways. There has to be something that drives a race that advanced to a world like ours, and it probably won't be to take our technology. I hope it won't be to sell us insurance, or time shares.

Which one do you feel most likely?

zwitterelf said...

3 Important points why ETs not threat update