Angel Hair — Could Thousands and Thousands of Spiders Be The Explanation Or UFOs?

I'm generally not a skeptic but I did become a little skeptical reading a story titled 'Angel Hair' Chapter 21, about a sky phenomenon, in a book co-authored by UFO investigator, Geoff Dittman, The Canadian UFO Report. 

The story is based on hearsay, so the validity and veracity of the facts may or may not be true. The only way you could agree to such a story would be to go to Selkirk, Manitoba yourself and interview the witnesses directly, if you could find them and prove they weren't lying. Good luck when you don't even have a name.

Here is the story in a nutshell as unbelievable as it sounds;

On Oct. 8, 1980, a woman and her two children observed a fire ball flying across a clear blue sky. Then it started to snow, what they described as 'Angel Hair,' a spiderweb like substance which smelled like camphor and covered her and her neighbours backyard. Camphor has a heavy aromatic, volatile smell to it. As it landed they witnessed the strands of spiderweb rapidly shortening, quickly disappearing as it dissolved within minutes. They didn't call the police, because it disappeared so quickly and they feared no one would believe them, saying they fabricated the whole thing. End of story.

The blame was determined to be hatching spiders by the authorities. It doesn't say who those people were that blamed it on spiders, only that they blew in off the wind. But, Aime Michel a French researcher says that scenario seems highly unlikely;

"Spiders would not be able to spin their alleged skeins: like new Penelopes, they would never have evaporated in the air."

Then, Geoff, ends his story, "Whatever landed down on Selkirk back in 1980, it wasn't spiders." Which I imagine, meant that the case has never been resolved, even though there have been hundreds of other cases reported around the world; Portugal, France, now Selkirk, Canada. 

I would think this story to be more Urban Legend than factual. But still, it's a strange story indeed, and I would't put it past a UFO to do such a thing. And it's Canadian to boot, Eh!

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