A Kansas Man Disappears in 1879 — Teleported to Times Square, New York City 1950 — Hit and Killed By a Taxi

Remember Scottie, the Scottish engineer on the original Starship Enterprise, from Star Trek fame.  Captain Kirk would stand on a platform and say to him "Beam me up Scottie?"

What did Captain Kirk actually want Scottie to do and more importantly, what did Scottie do? 

He was initiating some form of teleportation, where the human body, dematerializes from one location and rematerializes in another, using an instrument called a transporter. This was how people were allowed to enter and leave the Starship Enterprise, there were no doors.

It sounds so science-fiction doesn't it, but really is it. Just recently, Austrian physicists successfully teleported subatomic light particles (protons) at a distance of a few feet, considered impossible by Einstein, the most scientific man in history.

Teleportation is a process for physically relocating a body from one place to another without meddling with it in any way or using any mechanical device. In true teleportation the body disappears and subsequently reappears instantly in a different location often accompanied by a 'popping sound' at the top of the head. Unlike the television version of Star Trek, there are no sparkles of light as they disappear or reappear.

Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are often confused with teleportation. OBEs are the movement of souls (electromagnetic radiation) from one location in a dimension to another location in another dimension, where in teleportation, it's the whole physical body that gets transported.

Theoretical physics supports a contention that a tear in the space-time continuum would allow for us to travel in time, forwards, backwards and even sideways. In each case the fifth dimension is entered and the powers of hyperspace apply, such as flying at super sonic speeds.

Teleportation can be experienced through dreams, but the dreams differ from regular and lucid dreams in that your body actually physically gets up and leaves the bed and travels to another location on a different dimension level.

If you were lucky enough to watch someone teleport, what you would see is their bodies slowly fading away until it eventually disappears, nothing else would be affected. The person being teleported would experience the 'popping sound' from the top of their head and get a tingling sensation of spiralling upward, their energy vibrating at a high speed. Teleportation may include time travel as well as a change in location. 

People who believe that they have teleported before, say; at first they hold their breath, giving them a sense of vertigo, sometimes they feel a tightness across the forehead and eyebrows. (third eye area) 

There is a famous urban legend told of a man from Kansas, Rudolph Fentz, who in 1879 went for a walk after eating in a local restaurant and was never seen again. In 1950 right in the middle of Times Square, New York City, a man dressed in odd clothing was struck by a taxi and killed. The man was later identified as the same man that left the restaurant in 1879. The story was reported in Collier's Magazine "I'm Scared." Teleportation, the only explanation given for the event. It was not the teleportation that killed the Kansas man, it was a New York taxi cab that killed him, 71 years after he had suddenly disappeared in 1879.

Collier's Article on The Actual Incident

Strange story, strange indeed.

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