You Can Blame Your "Bitchiness" On The Sun's Magnetic Field

Have you ever wondered why you're such a bitch sometimes?  

The Sun has Sun Spots. They circle the sun every 22.6 years. That's 11.3 years from the peak numbers of negative spots to the next peak of positive spots, the maximum number of sun spots, negative to negative or positive to positive, which means the Sun takes 11.3 years building up and the another 11.3 years fading out. The cycle is then repeated.

These Sun Spots are linked to many terrestrial effects, described as the disturbance of Earth's electromagnetic field, which creates different weather patterns here on Earth's surface. During colder times on Earth, Sun Spots basically have disappeared, when it becomes warmer the Sun Spots have reappeared. It affects humans, the crop growing seasons, even the growth pattern of trees and other plant life. Urban legends dictate there are more admissions to mental hospitals. There could be political upheavals and social change. It has even been linked to the human blood-clotting rate, because in liquids electrons don't carry the electromagnetic current, the positive ions do in a process called electrolysis. It affects all living organisms.

The Sun Spots are connected to the solar wind and affects the Earth as follows; the Sun's magnetic field rotates at different latitudes because it is a gas, causing disruptions of the Sun's surface where electrons and ions are ejected from the Sun with enormous force, which affects Earths electromagnetic properties, causing disruption of radio signals and the ionosphere.

The rotation of the Sun's magnetic structure spins every 27 days and each time the Solar Magnetic Field passes across Earth it produces a sharp jolt in the geomagnetic activity one or two days later. 

On Earth here, some minerals absorb these jolts and glow as if radioactive. High in the ionosphere are belts of magnetically trapped charged solar particles, called the van Allen Radiation Belt, they create the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights. Sounds and smells of electricity are associated with the Aurora. There might be a connection between the Northern lights and thunderstorms, even earthquakes. They could be caused by the earth's movement resulting in electrical discharges of ionized air.

In 1989, if anyone is young enough to remember we had one of the biggest solar flares ever recorded, which had an enormous impact here on Earth, before that it was in 1967. The Northern lights were witnessed at lower latitudes at unprecedented levels, people became sick with stomach aches for several hours afterward. 

That seemingly pain in the neck, when someone is irritating you, going on and on about trivial matters, it's associated with the thyroid, language, communication, and hearing. So...  

...During these Sun Spot flare ups, it is advised to watch your body as it reacts to the Northern Lights. It could explain why you're such a bitch sometimes.  

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