Who Are We?— The Last Frontier Of Science

Who are we? Is there a more philosophical question? 

We already know the ingredients of the primordial soup that make us, us. We know what the conditions where like when life first began on earth but, and this is a big but; no one really knows what chemistry did at that exact moment, which made chemicals take the big jump into biology. Was it an accident, or planned? We can't replicate it in a laboratory. How did organic molecules become so arranged they formed long chains that miraculously gave them the ability to reproduce themselves, which set off the revolution called life? Why would chemicals do that? 

What is this place called the universe, with it's 95% dark matter and dark energy that we know completely nothing about? Is there intelligent life out there, somewhere, on some distant planet? 

With a little research I found out there are roughly 300 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, each with the probability of having one or more planets orbiting it. There are 100 billion other galaxies just like the Milky Way, some bigger and some smaller, which means there's a hell of a lot of planets out there. We can't be alone? 

But so far, everything appears like that's our reality, we are alone. It's estimated that in ten years we will discover life on another planet, then that mystery may be solved or it might raise a few more questions like; will we recognize it as life, as we understand life to be, and will we be able to converse with it?

Take the mighty force of gravity, we can measure it and feel its effect, like magnetism and electricity but we don't know how it actually works.

Our minds are as complex as the universe, so what is thought? Where is it, inside your head? What makes the brain light up when a thought passes through it and turns grey matter into a personality?  

This mystery of who are we, is destined to become one of the last frontiers of science and once known maybe, there will be more complex mysteries to uncover, vaster and more consuming than just the mystery of, "Who are we?" 

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