The Universal Principle Of Love— 'Sex' —Is It A Bad Thing?

According to the Church, evil is omnipresent. The Church seems to be giving more of its attention to the Devil than to God. Beauty in itself was always considered evil, happiness and pleasure were sins. Sex in religion was synonymous with wickedness and used by the Devil to lure men into sin.

The Devil known as Asmodeus, had  partners, women. He uses their high position as the supplier and keeper of life. He degraded women to the point of being a social evil, only to be used to perpetuate the human race. 

The whole act of procreation was considered distasteful, to the point of being disgusting and in certain cases still is. Take the urban legend that some Jewish sects wear a sheet to bed with a hole in it, for the sole purpose of having sex to conceive children. Where do you think that myth came from? Because you don't have to be a Jew to have some fun.

The Church was preoccupied with the fears of evil, cruelty, dirt and pain. Why would these Puritians think that the Universal Principle of Love, 'Sex,' was a bad thing? 

No matter how absurd the above statements sound today, Pagans during medieval times recognized sex as a natural function; neither unclean nor shameful; and knew the dangers of promiscuity.

Witches understood this great power of love and the potentials of sexual energy and regarded the sexual act as sacred. Many witches and women in general still hold onto these views, that when two people make love they are literally doing just that—making love—which then boils over and flows out to those people around them. How wrong is that? We all know what it feels like to be around young lovers! It feels great.

You would think the more love that is spread around the better it would be for everyone. Don't you think it is the best a man can do, is to spread love around? Wouldn't sex then be considered the holiest of acts in every sense of the word?

To degrade the act of sex to 'fucking someone' with all its connotations of violence and aggressiveness is not only degrading for oneself but the beautiful opportunity of bliss has been lost and been perverted into lust. The potential for love is lost.

There is an old saying in Wicca which goes something like this, 'Death and the Devil have no power over love and laughter.' How many of us can look deep into our hearts and know profound happiness?

How blessed are the religions that look at true joy and happiness as a means of spiritual growth, like the Yogis aiming for Nirvana, or the Buddhists with their emptiness.

I have to ask you again, what's wrong with having a little sex, now and again, if it promotes love and happiness? What's so wrong with that?

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