'The Sojourning Traveler' Doing It Over and Over —The Qurán As Recitation

For most Muslims the Qurán is a source of divine blessing. Muslims find peace and guidance in the words written on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad, as spoken to him by God (Allah), through the Archangel Gabriel, word by word. There were no mistakes when writing it, having twenty or so odd years adding to it and editing it, then another 300 years to get it published.

From birth, most Muslims are first greeted by the Qurán rather than mom or dad, then guided throughout their lives following it, finally the last thing they hear is someone whispering a verse in their ear. Then they die.

While a Muslim is alive and going through his journey of life, he must memorize and recite the entire Qurán over a period of a week, a month, or longer depending on his daily recitations, known as khatm al-Qurán, dividing it up into 30 different parts to correspond with the 30 nights of Ramadan.

A Muslim's ultimate aim is to memorize, recite, and write out the Qurán in Arabic. Once someone reaches and completes this stage and able to do this, which the Prophet Muhammad named, 'The Sojourning Traveler,' meaning he is only at this stage temporarily, he has to turn around and start all over again, from the beginning.

Muslims find reciting, memorizing, copying, even possessing a copy of the Qurán in their houses a great blessing. 

They believe the more verses you are able to recite from the Qurán, the higher status you will have when you get to paradise and if you've obeyed the words and lived by the Qurán it is said, you'd be heirs to the Prophet. 

Muslims believe the Qurán is the human connection to God and with every prayer he reveals Himself more and more. All a Muslim can do is read, memorize and recite, the Qurán over and over and over.

The Qurán is 'old school' so to speak, strictly disciplining its pupils physically, morally and spiritually, but on a grandeur scale and with no possibility of change or improvement.

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Musk Eway said...

The Quran is the principle source of every Muslim's faith and practice. It deals with all subjects that concern us as a human being. if a Quran isn't making an impact on a person's (reader) life then the problem is within the reader and not the Quran , and there is a verse in Quran that tells that Allah doesn't change the condition of people until they change what is within them.it is not Quran to blame but the people who doesn't seek the peace and knowledge from it