The Pulsating Silver Cord — A Life Line During An Out-of-body Experience

People that have out-of-body experiences have described being tethered with a long pulsating Silver Cord from the astral body to their etheric counterpart, from a few feet to thousands of miles long, attached to the back of the astral's head to the forehead of the person experiencing the event.

You wouldn't realize this pulsating Silver Cord was there at all, unless you turned your head and looked behind you, and saw yourself. People have likened it to a tape, a ribbon or an umbilical cord. The umbilical cord seemingly a more logical theory.  It is believed all learning and spiritual advances that our astral body makes during the out-of-body phase, goes through this Silver Cord back into our physical body.

The Silver Cord is described as being about two or three inches thick nearer the physical body (within 10 ft.) and pulsates, believed to be caused from our consciousness. It thins out as the astral body furthers itself away from the physical body. Near-death experiencers also see this Silver Cord. The only thing that will release it, is the actual death of the physical body.  

Everyone that has an out-of-body experience agrees, the Silver Cord has a tugging sensation with it, and the closer you get to your physical body the greater the pull. When as close as one or two feet from your physical body, the urge to get back into it increases then the urge to return to your physical body cannot be stopped and suddenly you wake up, back in your physical body.

Of course everyone's out-of-body experience will differ, the only commonality is the pulsating Silver Cord.

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