The Mark of The Witch — The Natural and the Self-Inflicted

Some call it the Devil's Mark. It's the most important point in the identification of a witch, due to the fact the mark is the last infliction during the final rite in the admission ceremonies. It was deemed incontrovertible proof that the person bearing it was a witch.

There are two kinds of Witches' Marks, one natural and one self inflicted. Both insensitive to pain and do not bleed when pricked by a needle or a pin. The natural is considered inferior to the artificial but both are still proof.

In 1699, Sir George Mackenzie, a famous Scottish lawyer who was heavily inthralled in witchcraft described what legally constituted a witch:

     "The Devils Mark seth to be a great Article with us, but it is not per se found relevant, except it be contest by them, that they got that Mark with their own aconite; quo cause, it is equivalent to a Paction. This Mark is given to them, as is alledg'd, by a Nip in any part of the Body, and it is blew. Delray calls it Stigma, or Character, and alleges that it is sometimes like the impression of a Hare's foot, or the Foot of a Rat or Spider."

The self inflicted Mark is described as being like a flea-bite. It is coloured red to blue, looks pre-designed and is permanent, caused by pricking or tearing of the skin. All the signs of being a tattoo?

The natural Mark of the Devil is a third teat, situated on various parts of the body, said to secrete milk and to give suck to the familiars, both human and animal. It occurs in both males and females but as a rule they are functionless. This supernumerary nipple is usually much smaller than it's counterparts and not attached to muscular tissue. It can be removed simply just by cutting it off with a sharp knife, which was done so a person could not be detected as a witch when under scrutiny from the authorities and witch hunters. 

The unscientific recorders of the witch trials, of yesteryear, observed that in other countries the 'witch pap' or 'little teat' was not evidence of being a witch. It was only in England and New England that this practise was carried out. 

During the Great Wars I and II, doctors discovered during the physical examinations of new recruits that the Mark of the Witch, was more common in humans than previously believed.

So, if you have a third teat, either a natural one, or one you self-inflicted, I wouldn't bother getting it cut out. Once a witch always a witch, I say. 

It's not illegal anymore. Wear your symbol and be proud. 

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Ref: The Witch-Cult in Western Europe - A study in Anthropology, Margaret Alice Murray

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