The Language of Symbols— It Spans Time and All Peoples From All Cultures.

We all have something in common with one another, which spans time, all peoples from all cultures, and that is; we all think alike! We all, everyone, along time ago, thought in the language of symbolism, a primary thought process, before the verbal process that we use today, called the verbal way, which we automatically think of as being thought. 

Baby's first conscious thoughts are in symbols. Without knowledge of words, there is no other way a baby can express him/herself or learn. Once language is learned it then takes over the process of thought. Language separates us, but the dream-like, imaginative language of symbolism unites us, right down to our primeval levels of thought.

Scientists studying the subject of thought are starting to believe the symbolic thought process is our default mind, meaning that when we are awake is the only time we use our secondary logical, analytical thought process or the verbal way of thought. If you were only thinking in symbols you'd soon drift off into a dream like state given the chance.

Every culture, every person that has ever lived, thinks from a huge pot of symbols. The general knowledge of "Mother Nature" the world's accumulation of thoughts. We all have the same basic archetypes, the same symbols, the common language of all thinking people of the planet itself.

Those ancient gods and goddesses of lore, the stories and the myths, their symbols they all reside in our unconscious. Today, people that dabble in the subliminal and subconscious mind encounter the same gods and goddesses, the same monsters and magical beings as our ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago.

When we speak of demons and angels, we believe we are speaking of psychological phenomena, as powerful as the subliminal mind, having unlimited super power. It explains us seeing what we want to see. 

The more one becomes aware of his dreams and his other states of consciousness the more he will understand symbolic thought. 

Carl Jung described the collective unconscious as;

"The subliminal mind thinks in symbols. One symbol, like a poem, may contain an ocean of meaning." Carl Jung


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