The Greyhound Killer Gets To Ride On Buses Unattended — But Don't Worry, He's On Olanzapine

Remember the man that killed and beheaded his fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus because he thought the guy was an alien from outer space? Well, he's been granted permission to leave the mental hospital, anytime he wants and without an escort and will be able to use the public transit system. 

After extensive analysis by the Criminal Code Review Board, Vince Li will be able to come and go starting with 30 minute outings which on good behaviour can be increased into full-day unescorted trips outside the Selkirk Mental Health Centre.

Imagine, the man was found not criminally responsible for his July 2008 attack and beheading of Tim McLean

The judge deemed him a nutcase, suffering hallucinations. The guy is a schizophrenic! or was. Because he now shows remorse for what he'd done, the judge has allowed his release. Not that he took full blame for what he'd done but blamed it on the schizophrenic in him. The judge agreed.

He says, "I don't think weird things or hear weird voices anymore. I don't see aliens. I'm not a risk to anybody. I promise to call a doctor if I hear voices again."

If it's an consolation, Li's psychiatrist told the board earlier this week that just because he was an undiagnosed schizophrenic before, he has been under medication, (Olanzapine) an "iffy drug", an antipsychotic, which has caused unusual changes in peoples personalities, their thoughts and behaviours, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts may manifest and are also linked to Olanzapine, but his doctor now claims, 

"Li is a different man," his doctor claims, "better than he was back then. Much better!"   

His mother says different, "He should stay locked up!"

I'll take his mother's word for it! She should know. I just hope he's not sitting next to me, the next time I take the bus. 


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More info: CBC News Manitoba

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Rick Watson said...

It's a strange world we live in. It's been too longs since I've visited. Hope all is well with you my friend.