The Ghosts of China Flats That Haunt Vancouver Island's Sooke Highway

Yes, British Columbia has its own ghost stories. And yes, we have our own version of the urban legend hitch-hiker story. It goes something like this...

There's a stretch of the Sooke Road on Vancouver Island, between Victoria our capital city and Sooke a town further north, locally known as the China Flats, where many people that have driven it at night, have come upon a shadowy ghost figure, who apparently leaps out from the side of the road into the path of the startled driver waving his hands for them to stop. The drivers usually swerve to miss him but believe they have hit someone and so they stop. When they go back to the scene of the accident, no body. Nothing! This same story has been reported to authorities many times.

Some people driving in the area at night don't see anyone jump out in front of them but have felt a presence. A presence so strong people believe the presence is in the car with them, some too afraid to turn and look in the back seat to see if someone was there. Inside the car, the atmosphere turns cold and the windows mysteriously fog up forcing them to stop. When they do finally get up the nerve to look they are surprised to find no one sitting there. 

It has even happened when two people or more people are in the car driving together along this same stretch of road, all feeling the presence at the same time, of being watched closely, the coldness and getting a feeling the car warming up quickly as the presence leaves. Like I said, this is not just one isolated case.

Apparently, as told through local legend, one night back in the 40s, a Chinese woman living nearby in the China Flats became very ill, her farmer husband in a panic ran for help, to get a doctor. He attempted to hitch-hike but to no avail, car after car passed without stopping. So, in desperation he jumped in front of a car waving his arms to try to stop it. You might guess what happened, he was hit and died instantly.

To add insult to injury when the police went to the farmer's house to tell his wife, they discovered she too had died.

This sounds like the basic makings for a great story. Perhaps, as it is believed by some that the Chinese farmer is now roaming the highway for all eternity, still in need of a doctor, still trying to save his ailing wife. 

Then, he could be seeking revenge by scaring passing motorists for thoughtlessly passing him by, as he was hitch-hiking. 

Today, he is occasionally seen on the same stretch of highway, trying to thumb a ride. He is not the only ghost to haunt the highway, though. 

Further up the road a bit people have met the rain soaked apparition of, Miss Stiff, a Sooke Spinster, a school teacher who died while falling off a buggy, near a bend in the road where she apparently was thrown. Sometimes her ghost is dressed in black and at other times white.

The Chinese farmer cannot be confirmed because of the record keeping at the time but the plain Miss Stiff—who was rather boring in life—is now more famous in death, both are urban legends. Canadian urban legends.

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Ref: Ghost Stories of British Columbia -  Jo-Anne Christensen

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