The Doppelgänger of J.H. Turner — Was It Him Or His Ghostly Double That Was Hit By A Streetcar?

This story is about a Doppelgänger, a persons ghostly double. Everyone is supposed to have one. 

A small group of people were standing waiting for the next trolley car to come by, at the corner of Government and Fort Streets in Victoria, British Columbia. The year was 1892.

They could see the trolley come down the slight incline as it approached the intersection. As it neared, the crowd became horrified when they saw, the then Honourable Finance Minister, J.H.Turner who three years later would become Premier of British Columbia, step out from the crowd and walk directly into the path of the oncoming tram.

People started screaming, "Look out!" But, Mr. Turner completely ignored them. The tram came to a screeching halt, but it was too late. The tram struck Mr. Turner, head on, full force.

What astounded the crowd was Mr. Turner, he appeared to walk right through the trolley and continue walking crossing the street as if nothing had happened, then vanished into thin air on the other side.

Everyone on the tram also saw what happened. They reported seeing Mr. Turner come through the wall of the bus, walk through people sitting on the tram near the front and walk right out the other side. The driver, a well rounded person, recognized Mr. Turner moments before he thought he hit him.

Police were called. There was no body, nor any damage to the tram, just the drivers and all the witnesses' statements of an apparition.

Surprisingly, on the tram at the time of the accident was a young newspaper reporter who recorded the whole event. He also recognized Mr. Turner so hurried to his house to get a statement and congratulate him for averting his narrow escape with death.

Mr. Turner was home, in his bathrobe. He had just taken a long hot bath and stated that he hadn't left the house yet, then told the Daily Colonist in Victoria, recorded in the January/92- the 26th edition, that it must have been someone else, because he was alive and well, as they could see. (ref: Ghost Stories of British Columbia)

Was this someone else, could it have been J.H.Turner's doppelgänger, his ghostly double?

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