The Devil — Disguised as a Bull, Cat, Dog, Goat, Horse or Sheep — But Never A Pig!

It is well known that in many religious ceremonies throughout history, the principle character, either god or priest was usually disguised as some kind of animal. Palaeolithic drawings found in France depict humans disguised as animals and in ancient pre-dynastic periods of Egypt, humans were depicted as Jackals

Where does the Pig fit in?

The book titled 'Liber Poemitentialis' written in the seventh century,  condemned the ritual practice of disguise, thought to be the workings of the Devil. It reveals, at that time in history, the disguising as animals continued, even after England was going through the conversion to Christianity, noted at the time as 'the promotion of fertility.'

It explains why the Devil was able to change his appearance. To his audience he would have worn animal skins and a mask representing the animal familiar to the area, the most common; a bull, a cat or a dog, a goat, a horse or a sheep. Interesting, but the Devil appears as a goat or as a sheep only in France, no where else. Why is that?

The Devil is never found represented as a hare, but a hare is traditionally common in witchcraft. Nor was he depicted as a toad, or a fox or an ass, even though they were very common familiar in certain areas, and very common in witchcraft. 

But alas, when it comes to the poor pig he is absent in all rites and ceremonies of most religions. Even in witchcraft and Satanism, the Devil is never represented by a pig. 

The pig would never represent Allah in Islam, the Muslims would be insulted. That's a given. So, what's wrong with the poor pig? Why is it so sinful despised (Haram)? Is there a connection between Islam and Satanic Worship?

It was never mentioned but evidence points strongly to the fact that witches' knew, that the Devil before them was just a representation of Satan, a man disguised as an animal. One reason for knowing this was obvious; the Devil mask worn, would always be at the back of the head, giving the illusion of having two faces, the transformation from man to beast.

It was described, that the Devil felt cold to the touch, vouched for by many witches. Could it be the leather skins that he wore during rituals were cold to the touch? You know what sitting in a leather chair feels like when you first sit, it's cold!

A bear, a deer, an eagle they are a common disguise among the America's indigenous peoples. We see a lot of that here on the Pacific Coast of Canada among the First Nations aboriginal people, with their many hand carved totem poles and masks, where animals and 'the spirits of life' are an important part of their customs and worship. But, not one pig is ever represented. Maybe the odd boar, but never a domesticated farm hog. 

I ask, what's wrong with the poor pig? Are they just too tasty? After all who can resist a hot, pulled pork sandwich, or a ham and egg breakfast? I'm asking, who?

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