The Bill Gates Revelations — His Bold Predictions For The Next Fifteen Years

I was reading the Bill Gates Foundation's annual letter, for nothing better to read at that moment, as if I cared what Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, thought of the world.

I was surprised with his bold predictions for the next fifteen years, as if he were a new-age Nostradamus and could predict the future. Bill Gates, speaking at the World Economic Forum, told the conference in Davo, Switzerland that he predicted HIV will be wiped out by the year 2030. What a revelation!

Here's Bill's logic, "As you get people on treatment, their viral level is vastly reduced so that reduces their infectiousness... lifeline treatment is hard... and we will see a one-year treatment period. After that a person with HIV won't need treatment any more." That's the theory but will that actually work. I guess after 15 years, we will know.

For the poorer nations of the world Gates predictions for the next 15 years:

  • People will be living longer and in better health in poorer countries.  
  • People in poorer countries will have unprecedented opportunities to get an education.
  • People in poorer countries will eat nutritious and healthy food.
  • These poor people will have better access to ATM machines.  A cashless society?
  • There will be more innovations in technology, from vaccines to hardier crops.
  • Smartphones and tablets will become cheaper for poor people to buy.

For the richer nations of the world, Gates predictions for the next 15 years:

  • Rich people will be able to surf the Internet on super hi-resolution screens.
  • Rich people will have consolation knowing, that poor parents in poor countries will know their children aren't going to die. 
  • Energy sources will be developed to emit zero carbon dioxide, before we all choke to death so we can go faster and cheaper before the effects of climate change becomes too severe.

Other predictions for the next fifteen years, child deaths will go down, more diseases will be wiped out. Africa will be able to feed itself and better software will revolutionize learning.

There's something sinister about these predictions. Is Bill Gates insinuating that there will be a New World Order within the next 15 years. A cashless, society, next it will be the Mark of the Beast

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