Shelbourne Street in Victoria, British Columbia — A Shape-shifter or Time Machine?

I have always been under the impression that people and animals were the only things that shape-shifted. I've never heard of a street or road being a time shape-shifter. 

There is a street in Victoria, British Columbia which seems to be able to transform itself between the past and the present. Shelbourne Street, in Victoria is just south of the Hillside shopping centre near the centre of town, it is well known for it's eerie ability to shape-shift.

This only happens in the months of October and November, a few days before and after Halloween, in the wee hours of the morning when the road is deserted. People driving on the well lit, Shelbourne Street suddenly become convinced they have made a wrong turn, nothing seems familiar to them. The street becomes an old one lane trail road, with no lighting and the grass and bush growing right up to the edge road on both sides. Everyone who experiences this shape-shift, automatically wants to stop the car and turn around, but there is no room for the vehicle to make such a manoeuvre. About the time the driver does slow down to stop, the street is back the way it was, well lit, paved, four lanes. 

Have people driving on Shelbourne Street late at night gone through a time vortex, time travelled. Have they time travelled back to earlier times? What is the reason a street would do such a thing? 

None-the-less, this rare and fascinating phenomenon has occurred regularly and probably will continue every Halloween, in Victoria's early morning hours. 

Is it the human connection between the past and the present, literally a time machine?

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