Project 'Iceworm' American's Subterranean Network of Nuclear Missile Launching Sites — Where Else But In Greenland.

Eric the Red or someone like him comes sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in Viking boats, can you imagine it?  First, he lands in Iceland, so he names it Iceland because it was as cold. Cold as ice. Logical.

He then sails across the North Atlantic and discovers a completely white island with nothing on it but snow and ice.

So, what does he name it? Greenland! He changes his mind moments before calling the Cape of Farewell, the Cape of Farewell, he intended to call it the Cape of Hello, but it was so snowy and cold plus it was shrouded in blinding white, he high tailed it out of there and said his farewells instead of his hello.

There was nobody living there at the time anyway, except a few Inuits, hunter gatherers, a proud people. Even today, there are only 56,500 people stationed here and there in remote Seti like radio towers, watching ice grow. 

It's the least densest country in the world, more associated with Europe than Canada. There's not much else, not a tree or blade of grass or a hint of greenery, anywhere. Nothing.

I didn't know Greenland was even a country in it's own right. I always thought Greenland was part of Canada, part of Labrador or Newfoundland and I'm Canadian, how presumptuous of me. 

I apologize, but if you look at it on a map, Holly shit! It's gigantic. It looks as big as Africa and it does look like it's part of Canada. More Canada than Europe. 

But in reality is Greenland as big as we've always believed?  

Because of the curvature of the earth, the poles get stretched out. In actuality the true size of Greenland when applied to the globe is a fraction of the size.

Not as big as it looks, is it? In fact, it applies to Canada and Russia also, and all the northern countries. Antartica at the South Pole looks the same on a map too, huge but on a globe Antartica would shrink to a small fraction of that size. 

Wouldn't you know it! In 1946 after World War II, America offered to by Greenland for $100,000,000 from the Danish government but they turned them down. They did though, allow America to build army Nato Bases there. 

Unbeknown to the Danish authorities the Americans were planning on building a few nuclear reactors to supply the country with power and a subterranean network of nuclear missile launch sites in the Greenlandic Ice Sheet, called Project Iceworm, that only became known to the Danes in 1997. 

Luckily, Project Iceworm was scrapped in 1966 as unfeasible, long before it was ever implemented for the simple reason, ice keeps moving and changing shape.

Project Iceworm may not have made sense but don't you think naming Greenland, Greenland a little more senseless? Wouldn't Whiteland be more appropriate? 

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