Most Afghans Are Eager To Move On To The Next Life — Due To Such Dire Conditions In This Life

I've often heard Afghanistan referred to as Allah's Kitty Litter Box. As, akin to where Miss Kitty does her business. 

What a piece of wreckage that country is, built layer upon layer of rocks and land mines, an alien decimated landscape. Since the invasion by America in 2001 the nation is left a shell of its former self. Not that it was anything before.

The bombed out Haji Piyada Mosque was re-bombed, the streets once strewn with dead bodies are now deserted, void of life. Craters, from long ago detonated bombs standing as testaments are now bombed beyond recognition. Even the former Afghanistan's symbol of lost hope, "Rubble" the ghost towns are now buried under more layers of rubble.  

Some relics of ole Afghanistan still remain, maybe not in the shape they were originally intended. A carved leg over here, a head over there, parts of statues broken, bits and pieces strewn all over the place. Not much of its history remains intact.

Since life at the present is so hard for the average Afghanistan, due to such dire conditions, most Afghans are eager to move on to the next life, using any method available. Their preference, suicide bombs.

The currency used in Afghanistan is the afghani or the Afghan. One is the currency the other is the people. Neither is worth the pot to cook them in. 

An old Afghan proverb: "Killing a woman is a duty, killing a boy is a pleasure."

America has supplied the Afghanistan economy with over $10,000,000,000 worth of relief money, that's 10 billion dollars, unbeknown or known to Americans until it was too late, the money was used to build the opium and heroin trade. Now, Afghanistan is the leader in that industry.   

There are a few tourists spots though if it's any consolation, like the Khyber Pass, (about to be renamed the Dialysis Pass) where Osama bin Laden became the first person to cross the pass, hooked up to a dialysis machine. There's the shrine where women were raped in a voting booth, a plaque designates the area where a Blackhawk helicopter was shot down by a surface to air, rock, that's not a rocket, what I mean is a plain rock, and a memorial now stands where the second set of keys to the New York Trade Centre were found. 

After years of trying to adapt to this harsh environment, the people of Afghanistan have toughened up. Toughened up to the point that now it takes two or more head shots to put one down. 

It's a sad state this country Afghanistan is in, wouldn't you agree, Allah's Kitty Litter Box?

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