Legends of 'Faerie Faith' The Foundation of Many Religions.

You Never Know When You May Need A Good Faerie

Have you ever heard of the Faerie Faith (Fairy Faith). Some of the oldest legends and myths are about faeries, part of the foundation of all the religions of the world. 

There are the all sorts of spirit races, eg: the Greek Nereids the sea nymphs, the Arabian djinns, every culture has their own. Most are young, invisible and possess magical powers with the ability to foretell the future.

Faerieland (Fairyland) is a supernormal state of consciousness where man can enter temporarily in dreams, trances and other various ecstatic conditions, or indefinitely in death. Probably, not that bad a place to end up.

Here are the four distinct groups of faeries.

1.  The Coarse and Country Faerie which includes the brownieshobgoblins and such are solitary, preferring to work alone.  Proper names are frowned upon and it's generally considered taboo to call a one by name. To pronounce his  name means you have power over him, and that's a no-no.

2.  The Banshee and Faerie Women from Ireland and Scotland commonly show themselves as the "white lady" in old haunted houses. They differ from the Course and Country Fair because they are attached to wealth, the privileged, the elite not the everyday peasant folk, the ancestral snobs of the faerie world. They guard hidden secrets and treasures and take the dead in the middle of the night.

3.  The British Elf.  These Elves also faeries, live in communities were the above two are more solitary fairies. They are very neighbourly, but hate human interference and must be treated with respect. Or else, they'll steal your baby, we all know how mean leprechauns can be, after the seeing the movie with the same name.

4.  The Pagan Deities are created through our own subconscious fears, imagination, hopes and dreams. Mostly a mirror of oneself or the people that created them. Cupid, comes to my mind. They spin and weave much influence over the lives of humans. It's better to stay on their good side because you never know when you may need a good faerie.

All these faeries live and work in this magical world called Faerieland, making boots being cobblers, being crafty spinning yarn, brewing beer, that sort of thing. Many are great healers. It's mostly green there, which symbolizes youth. You've never seen a man dance until you've seen a faerie dance. 

Boy, can they put on a show!

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